Friday, April 29, 2011

Foggy window

Hello readers! ;)
How are you today?
Anyway, thanks God it's Friday :DD
Nyeh, it means closer to weekend ;) kekeke~
Not deutsch tuition today :p
Hm, today is the ROYAL WEDDING of Prince William & Catherine Middleton , Have a superb wedding yeahh you both :* Wish you both a great life & happily ever after ;)
Today i superb RAINY DAY -_________- 
Nyehh, mud over the road :|
Nothing to share today, I'm speechless.
Now I'm downloading Kim Soo Hyun's 'dreaming' video , so see you guys! ;)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Good morning readers! ;)
How are you? :)
Just finished watched "DREAM HIGH" movie yesterday :DD
Omoo~~ I'm falling inlove with SAM DONG (KIM SOO HYUN)
Jason (WOO YOUNG 2PM) also handsome there,, *scream* *histeria*
Jin Guk (Taecyeon 2PM)also goodlooking init.
Now I wanna post the synopsis of the movie :

"Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars.Students at an arts and entertainment school mature as they face incidents and struggles. This movie shows singing, dancing, and acting and also shows the true side of the entertainment industry."

Kim Soo-hyun: In this drama he played a Song Sam-dong. A man from a small town who lives with his mother. Sam Dong has a goal since childhood has its own farm. But, not so, Sam Dong finally one day fall in love with a girl from Seoul, Hye Mi. Because of his love, he will do anything to Hye-Mi (Suzy). Then, instead he followed the girl into an art high school, where he finally finds his talent in music and started his way to become a star.
Suzy Miss A: In this drama she became Hye-Mi, a perfect girl, because she is the best in all things. But, she has a rough personality. One day, her father's business went bankrupt, and she had stopped training and decided to follow her vocal audition to become a pop singer in high school art Kirin. In fact before, Hye-Mi was very avoid this profession because she thinks the profession is low and not promising.
Hyemi herself did not like the looks of Sam Dong distinguished disheveled like a bum. Finally, Sam Dong Hyemi invited to a salon, a haircut and change his clothes who like bums. Although previously such as ignoring, Hyemi still could not cover if she was amazed with the beauty Sam Dong after a make over.
Taecyeon: There will be a young man who became an orphan after his mother abandoned bernaa Jin Gook. Finally, he raised the grandfather of his father, a businessman and CEO, but he did not want to stay with him. Then, he instead chose the road of life itself. Namely, dancing with his friends on the streets and eventually auditioned for Kirin Arts School. Jin Gook would later fall in love with Hyemi.
Eunjung T-Ara: There will be a close friend of Hye Mi. His name, Baek Yoon Hee. Here, the role will be detrimental Eunjung always be ruled out because of the popularity of light silaunya Hye Mi. Eunjung will be a girl who is always ignored by those around her even by her own mother. Hye-Mi So always follow wherever, ultimately they were both auditioning for the high school art Kirin. This is where she started reaching her dreams ...
Wooyoung: It would be Jason, the Koreans who returned from after a long stay in the USA. Jason is very talented and perfect in singing and dancing. But, he has no soul compete. Yes, you could say this Jason person easy going. So, he just wants to enjoy music as part of his life.
IU: There will be a girl named Pil Sook. IU will be a fat girl, but have incredible talent in singing. Pil Sook character itself is a cheerful girl, fat but beautiful and sensitive, it would arguably be a girl is typically easy to fall in love. Pil Sook ngefans weight with Kim Hyun-joong. Even when the concert with Kim Hyun Joong he unconsciously shouted, "Victory!" Then, he invited up on stage. I was so nervous, he was until one reference to the name, of a Pil-Pil Seung Sook. Pil Sook even so popular among his fans Kim Hyun Joong.
Pil Sook later will fall in love with Jason.

One of the central questions to KBS’s “Dream High” has been the identity behind top star ‘K.’  Now that the drama is nearing its completion with only three episodes left, viewers have turned back to the figure who first appeared in the pilot episode in an attempt to see how it will all play out.
Viewers have left the possibility open for all of the leading casts, including ‘Sam Dong’, ‘Hyemi’, ‘Baek Hee’, and ‘Jin Guk’, but the speculations aren’t just limited to those four alone. Some believe that ‘K’ is actually a group as opposed to one person, while others believe that it could be any one of them since they all possess the talents needed to become a star.
Some netizens have recently been claiming that the identity has already been decided, but producers dismissed the rumors by revealing that they have yet to pick a figure.  The drama, they said, did not begin with a ‘K’ in mind, and his or her identity will depend on the development of the plot; the writer and producers decided to choose the final ‘K’ at an appropriate time.
Consequently, ‘K’ still remains anonymous to the cast themselves. A representative of Hollim spoke with OSEN on February 15th and stated, “Internally, we’ve heard of nothing, but we do know that the writer and director are discussing the matter.  I think we won’t find out until the script for the final episode is written.  All the cast members are hoping for themselves to become ‘K’ .”

The one figure that netizens seem to have reached a consensus on, however, is ‘Sam Dong.’  Not only is he a musical prodigy with a hearing defect, but also the character with the most dramatic story. For now, the entire issue remains up in the air and fame is still anyone’s game.

That's all I wanna share about DREAM HIGH movie :D
RECOMENDED MOVIEEEE!! You all must watch it! ;DD
See you on my next post! ;)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2nd day : Temple

Back again with me in my 2nd day in Siantar ;)
We went to temple to pray then before went home, we took photos ;) 
Quite great views there :D
We also bought rings , necklace there ;)
Will upload it soon :)
Stay tunes ;)

Then we had our lunch at Binnaling ;)
After that we went back to Medan :)
Hahaha, this is me & michelle :p

Muahahaa, that's all I wanna share on this post ;)
See you all on my next post! ;)


1st day : Megaland

Hello readers!
It's weekdays, Monday exactly ;)
How are you all? 
I've absent for few days to post things here :D 
kekeeeke~ I went to my granny's home at siantar this few days ago.
Well, it's great yet fun :D
We even went to Megaland to take some photos, will upload it later ;) muahahahaa

That's some of our photos that were taken at Megaland.
We went to tebing tinggi to have dinner, superb dinner that night! ;) nyahahaa

See you on my next day journey! ;p


Friday, April 22, 2011

Morning Dew

Good morning everybodehhhhhh :DD
It's Friday and we enjoy our HOLIDAYYYY !!
Thanks God It's Friday :*
Hm, today I'll go to Siantar ;)
Muahahahaa :B
Now I'm hairdrying my hair, nyehh it's in messy =="
Gahh, I'm bit starvingg nowww ;) 
OHMY! Mom keeps reminding me to take my cleanser & sorts of my things to keep on bag. 
Okay mom, will keep it later ;)
I;m speechless now, so see you on my next one! ;)


GLEE - "Baby" Performance from 2/15!

Procrastinate Project

Hello again readers! ;)
Nyehh, I've posted 6 post today! *shock*
Sory for posted more than two XDD
Perhaps I'm too active & talkative today ;D
Muahaahaa, after a long time I've procrastinating on doing my computer photoshop project, finally I've done doing it, haha.
Here is it :

Tomorrow I'll go to my grandma's home at Siantar , yeahhh , I'm so exciteddd!! woohooooooo~~ *dance**dance*
hahahaha, I won't attend school on this coming Saturday ;)
Hehe, so maybe I won't post anything for this coming few days :)
Don't miss me yeahh :p kekekeke~~

See you folks! ;)


Ralph Lauren

Heyhoo readers! ;)
Gotta post some of Ralph Lauren 's handbags that's really unique, catchy, & awesome ;)

Here they are :

Beaded Fringe Cross-Body
 Soft, supple leather, cascades of lush fringe and delicate hand-beading lend a Western artisan spirit to our small cross-body bag.

Horn Messenger Bag

A genuine American staghorn closure lends rugged Western panache to the messenger bag, expertly rendered in the USA from raw calfskin with whipstitched details. 

Python Clutch

A versatile silhouette with a contemporary sensibility, our chic clutch is crafted in Italy from ultra-luxe python and finished with custom-made rhodium hardware, including a functional signature Cooper lock.

Leopard and Vachetta Tote

Rugged safari style is translated with a chic urban edge on a classic tote, styled in a roomy silhouette from cotton herringbone with an allover leopard print and rich vachetta detailing.
That's some of Ralph Lauren 's bags ;)

See you! ;)


Famous Brand

Good afternoon readers! ;)
Gotta post top 10 famous brand of handbags.

They say women spend more on clothing than men and women spend more on handbags than men. Handbags are real obsession of women, especially the nice and elegant designer handbags.
However, with the many designer bags available to choose from, how can anyone choose the most popular and more valuable than others? You may see the value of a handbag from the reputation of the product, design, and the designer. Or you may also give value to a handbag brand if more attractive and famous celebrities choose them also when attending important occasions of their lives.

So, if these two are your basis on choosing the best designer handbag brand, then better take a quick look on the considered top 10 on the list:

10. Ralph Lauren

Last but certainly not the least in our list, Ralph Lauren is a famous brand of handbags all over the world for its preppy, classy, and hip designs. The latest collection of Ralph Lauren is something that many fans of designer handbags usually droll over.

Included to the celebrities using Ralph Lauren handbags are Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, and Sienna Miller.

9. Chanel
Chanel is one of the most recognizable designer handbag brand logos in the fashion world. If you watch Sex and the City, then you are probably familiar with the line of Chanel handbags.

Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Emma Watson, Kristin Davis, and Lauren Conrad are some of the famous celebrities seen using Chanel line of bags.

8. Fendi
That double F logo will never be missed in any collection of designer handbag aficionados. With the Fendi purse or handbag, anyone will certainly look elegant and refined.

The singer Jessica Simpson, Jenny McCarthy, and the fashion icon Paris Hilton are some of the celebrities who have those double F Fendi logo in their handbag collections.

7. Burberry
Burberry is known for its check pattern trademark. This is also one of the known high quality handbags in the world. Anyone wearing the Burberry trademark is usually welcomed with a Wow!

The elegant and famous actress Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham are just some of the celebrities using the Burberry trademark.

6. Kate Spade
Due to the love for creating her own line of fashion handbags, Kate Spade decided to leave her job as a fashion editor of Mademoiselle. And now, the Kate Spade line of handbags is among the most recognized classy, functional, and chic handbags in the fashion industry.

Blake Lively is seen using Kate Spade.

5. Prada
When it comes to designers bag in Italy, Prada is the first name in mind. Prada bags are known to be chic, classy, and luxurious.

The singer-actress Hillary Duff, the beautiful Eva Longoria, and Liv Tyler are just some of the Prada fanatics.

4. Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke handbags are known for its luxurious design and materials that is very popular for celebrities and many women worldwide.

Some of the celebrities seen wearing Dooney & Bourke are Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton, Emma Roberts, and Marcia Cross.

3. Gucci
Gucci is a name very popular since 1921. The popularity of this Italian brand is known not to vanish until these days.

Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy are just some of the Gucci handbag aficionados.

2. Louis Vuitton
You certainly wont miss in the list the Louis Vuitton handbags. The Paris-based fashion house is the supreme statement when it comes to luxury designer bags.

Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Kater Moss, Uma Thurman, Jessica Simpson, and Angelina Jolie are celebrities using Louis Vuitton.

1. Coach
The list will never be complete without the New York-based luxury leather goods, the Coach. This brand topped the list with the materials that the handbags use and the familiarity of many women on the Coach brand.

Anne Hathaway can certainly prove the greatness of the Coach brand of handbags.

There may be a lot of designer handbag brands in the world but only few made it to the top 10 list of designer handbags. So, have you got all these brands in your collection already? 
Come on buy them & collect them on your luxury wardrobe ;)

See you! 


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sweet readers, just opened and got some flowery yet sweet handbags , wew, but most of them were already sold out.
Let's see ;)

Image of Audrey - English Garden<br>SOLD OUT
Audrey - English Garden

Image of Nora - Yellow with brooch<br>SOLD OUT 











Nora- yellow with brooch 

Image of Frenchie - Powder Blue with Brooch<br>SOLD OUT

Frenchie - Powder Blue with Brooch


See you!

xoxo, Jenn :*

Catchy Stuff

Hello again, readers!
Gotta post some catchy stuff that i got from
Stay tunes! ;)

That's the stuffs which catchy in my eyes opinion ;D 
See you! 
xoxo, Jenn :* 

Hello Sunshine

Morninggg readers!
How are you today?
Hm, today is Thursday, will have two civics lessons, crap =="
Actually, I'm lazy to attend those class, nyehhhh :(
Just had my breakfast with mom & dad ;)
Gahh, I'm feeling damn sleepy now :|
I don't feel like doing anything & just want to lay in my bed :|
Hope vera will move all our photos to her phone & send it to me as soon  as possible :D kekeke~~
Okay, nothing to share today, I'm bit speechless, muahahaha.
Always follow my daily updates at @JenJT
See you on my next post! ;)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bon appetite ;D

Hello readers! ;)
See you again at this 6.20pm
Hm, gotta tell you that just now I had lunch with Vera at bakerzin.
Hm, actually we had took lots of photos & photoboothed a lot there, but my memory card couldn't move files to computer, i don't even kno why :(( hiks, so sad yet terrible, gotta ask daddy to buy me a card reader as soon as possible :'((
Really, we had great lunch there, ate fried rice presto with two crabs in it, then i drank choco cream cookies, after that, at 2pm we ordered some snacks like macarons : mango,blueberry,blackforest, and green tea flavour, then we ordered apple tart too, it tasted delicious , you must try that one, recomended sweets! Last, we had some mini cakes, awaw, it's superb ;)
Gotta have my lunch there again ;;)
Okay, now I'm feeling exhausted -__- geez.
Tomorrow will have two civics lessons, OHMY!! *scream*
Nyehh, actually I'm bit lazy to join those class :| but of course mom&dad won't allow me to absent from class without any reason, yeah great, hope that tomorrow won't be a bad day huh?
Hm, do you know where else that good to have lunch ??
Tell me if you know any places that gets superb foods !  Cause I'm a FOOD HUNTER :p muahahhaa ~~
Anyway, ALE gave me a WINNIE THE POOH lamp , awaw, thankyouuu my dear aleee, na jeongmal saranghamnidaaaaaa :**
Gotta have my dinner soon.
Will upload the photos if I;ve already move all the files to my pc :(( stay tunes yeahh folks! ;)
See you on my next post! :D