Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blink of eyes

Hello guys! How are you nowadays?
I'm back to blogger, lol.
Absent for few days from blog cause my internet modem was broken // lack.
But this morning daddy took it to the service centre & ask them to repair it, luckily it can quickly done :D 
Wew, today is 31st of March, time past so fast, in a blink of eyes tomorrow will be April.
Well, having my one-day holiday today, allll Sutomo-ers get their holiday :D hoorayy!
Spend this Saturday afternoon watching korean drama, lol.
Planning where shall we go tomorrow, feel like wanna hunt lots of new novels, I'm really craving for new novelsss *sigh* 
Hm, listening to songs a lot these days.
This are my current fresh & fav playlist :
  • Ailee (에일리) - Heaven
  • Owl City - The Saltwater Room
  • 2AM - I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me
  • Raisa - Could It Be
  • One Direction - Gotta Be You , One Thing, More Than This & others.
  • Taylor Swift - Safe & Sound
  • Glee Cast - Let Me Love You
  • BigBang - Blue, Fantastic Baby
  • Tyga - Far Away
  • Adele - Set Fire To The Rain , Turning Table, Someone Like You & others.
Anyway, gotta recomend you this MV by 2AM titled 'I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me'
quite a sad, good, yet easy listening song , try to listen to it ;)

Well, perhaps that's all for today :)
Catch you on your flip side guys! 
Have a great weekend! ;)

"The art of life is the art of avoiding pain."
--- Thomas Jefferson
xoxo, Jennifer

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Afternoon tea

Hello readers!
Thanks today is Wednesday, lots of students already back to school this morning including me, so hooray! lol but Sally won't come for a week cause she's going on a trip to Penang *sigh* how great is that, wew. Have a nice & safe trip my bestie /slash/ my deskmate♥ 
Will sit alone during this week :| hmph.
Anyway I'm really not patient waiting all of Glee season 3 dvd come out completely.
It's too complicated to buy one by one disk .___.
Well, I've received Catherine's file photo when it's her 17th birthday last time.

Maybe that's all for today.
Gotta search for Glee season 3 songs :D
will have my english tuition too tonight, hope it'll be fun.
Oh, happy birthday to LADY GAGA, the mother monster. lol.
Hope mama monster will always rocks music industry ;)
Byee guys! ;)

"But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold."
 --- Oliver Wendell Holmes
xoxo, Jennifer

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lots of chances

Good morning readers!
Today is Tuesday and students still skipped school including me, lol.
do you know why? It's because there are lots of demonstration around Medan.
*sigh* wonder what's the point of demonstrating?? 
Hope everything gonna be okay, so #prayforMedan #prayforIndonesia
Not blogging for few days, went to Kabanjahe to pray ancestors.
So last Sunday on 25th March was my birthday :) so I'm officially 17th & nowadays is my legal day! Wishing myself all the best , dreams can come true, always healthy & love my parents & lil bro ;)
Actually I'm craving for polaroids .___. haha
Sometimes I think I seldom use it, but somehow I just want it, lol.
So here's some of my friends birthday greetings from bbm & twitter for me :D
I'll just post some greetings cause it's too manyyy if I post allll , trololol :p

Maybe that's some greetings that I posted only, haha.
recomend you this song from Ailee - Heaven , greattt songg! :D

"In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed."
--- Kahlil Gibran
 xoxo, Jennifer

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sherlock SHINee

Hello readers! ;)
Today is a great Thursday :D
SHINEE IS BACKK!! With SHERLOCK song title & album :D wooohooo~
their MV releases 3 hours ago :D great one!
And got a big chocolate cake from Irene, Jessica, Meguru , Ccil, FeliciaNovian & otherssss friends this morning at class, loveyou girls♥♥ :* !
Me & Sally were really surpised of that action, cause we never know that they will celebrate our coming birthday today, lol.
So I myself will have my birthday on this coming 25th March while Sally will have her birthday tomorrow :D hehe.
When the cake came, I directly point to Sally's face *assumed that's her cake* , & she also assumed that's my cake, but fortunately it's our cake, haha.
So here is some of our photos that captured by Irene & Meguru :D haha. 

So this is SHINee's SHERLOCK MV ;)
Check it out guys! ♥


 "Hold a true friend with both your hands."
 --- Nigerian Proverb
xoxo, Jennifer

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sweet17th birthday celebration

Hello readers! ;)
How's life? fine huh?
Well, on last Sunday, I had celebrated my sweet 17th birthday :)
Such a great & awesome day for me & friends :D
I only invited my close friends & family, so we had our quality lunch at Nelayan Restaurant.
Captured lots of photos, thankyou to my little auntie Sese for helping me to captured my quality moments with my friends  :** 
so this is our photos :

 my cutee cousin, Jesslyn♥
with grandma & my little cuteee cosuin, Jesslyn♥
 with my mommy♥
 with my little auntie Sese // my photographer :* hahaa♥
 with my little brother♥

 with Feje

That's all some of our photos, more on my facebook ;)
Byee guys! ;)

"Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time."
--- Jean Paul Richter
xoxo, Jennifer