Monday, July 30, 2012

Vionnie's sweet 17th party

Hello guys!
Happy Monday, LOL.
Not having any tuition today, so I'm using my leisure time to type this post.
Last Saturday Vionnie Lim had celebrated her sweet 17th birthday party at Wisma Benteng.
It was a great party , all of us did karaoke there too, haha. Thanks Vion!
Of course there are lots of photos taken *as usualllll* hehehe 
Gotta upload some of our photos, photos' credit go to my polaroid camera, Jesslyn Libra's dslr & Vinnie Yeonata's dslr too ;)
with the birthday girl, Vionnie Lim ;)

with Aska, lol. unyu style :p
With Aska & Thingdiacia
with Jesslyn Libra
with Patricia Sarah
with Enny Sugih

with Jessie Sheila Shyu ;)
with Vera Angelie Chandra
with Thingdiacia
With Enny & Jeanthias

That's all for today.
See you!

"[N]o party is any fun unless seasoned with folly."
--- Desiderius Erasmus
xoxo, Jennifer

Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Summer Night

Good afternoon guys!
Happy Thursday! :)
Just done with my mandarin tuition :D teehee~

So now I'm typing this post while listening to One Summer Night new song by BROWN EYED GIRLS. It's quite an easy listening song , nice too ;) 
The title, 'One summer night' is composed by Jea of Brown eyed Girls and Kim,Bak-sa who composed 'Back in Time', which is Drama 'The Moon Embraces The Sun's OST. Also it lyricist by Kim,Ea-Na who has long keep in step with Brown eyed Girls.
The title, 'One summer night' is a song about beautiful love story which happens in a midsummer night as its title name, and also this song shows each member's vocal color as emotionally. 

Here's their "One Summer Night" MV : 

You can download their song here :

Here are my favorite song playlist for this month : 
01. BoA - Only One
02. SISTAR - Loving You
03. F(x) - Electric Shock
04. Big Bang - Still Alive , Monster
05. Carly Rae Jepsen ft Owl City - Good Time
06. B2ST - Beautiful Night
07. IU - Peach , Every End Of The Day
08.Brown Eyed Girls - One Summer Night
09. Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single
10. Led Apple - Run To You
11. Park Jin Young - Someone Else, You're The One
12. Gavin Degraw - Not Over You
13. 2NE1 - I Love You
14. SNSD - Paparazzi
15. Wonder Girls - Like This
16. T-ara - Day By Day
17. Jang Wooyoung (2PM) - Sexy Lady
18. B.A.P - No Mercy 

Muahahaa, you can see that most of them are KOREAN songs right? ;;) lol yep it's true that I'm a Kpop lovers :p
kekeke~ That's all my recommendation for new songs :) hehe must download & listen!  
Well that's all for today. 
Catch you all on your flip side! 

"Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel."
--- Buffy Sainte-Marie
xoxo, Jennifer

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Only One - BoA

Hello readers!
How are you on this gloomy Wednesday? hehe
Skip my tuition today :p teehee~
Anyway, got lots of homework nowadays & there'll be maths small exam tomorrow .__. 
Hope everything gonna be fine & don't mess up, lol.
Quite busy for this week, *sigh* we will face PB 1 in maybe 2 more weeks.
Well, gotta recommend you BoA's new song, her 7th album & MV titled "ONLY ONE"♥ ♥

Everyone has someone special in the corner of their heart…”the only one”
Here is her MV , it's a great song!! love it :D hehe♥there are dance ver & drama ver.
Drama Ver :

Dance Ver :

You can download her song here :

That's all for today.
Catch you on your flip side! 

Everyone has someone special in the corner of their heart…”the only one”
--- Kwon BoA 
xoxo, Jennifer

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wondrous day

Good morning readers! 
How are you on this Saturday morning? :D
Happy fasting month to every moslems.
Yesterday I had fun with my girls :D actually we'll be 7 people but because Stella, Catherine & Jessica can't join, so just 4 of us went there (Me, Vera, Andora & Winny).
We had our lunch at Gelato bar then we went to Matador to spend our wondrous afternoon together , of course we captured lots of photos *as usua;* teehee~
So I'll upload some of yesterday's photos. Some captured with my ipad my polaroid camera, Vera's galaxynote, phone & Andora's DSLR.
my classic tenderloin steak, nom nom~
Andora's baked rice with mozarella cheese, nom nom~
Vera's oxtail fried rice

With Andora ;)
With Vera ;)
with Winny :p

Pororo time with Vera kekeke~

Winny :p mamakss

Met Rivenia at Matador so she asked me to take a photo with her ;)

Well, that's all for today.
Tomorrow I'll go to my friend's birthday treat hope it'll be fun ;) hhe
I gotta go now cauyse my lil bro's keep grumbling to play this computer *big big big sigh*
Catch you on your flip side guys! 

"A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out."
  --- Grace Pulpit
xoxo, Jennifer