Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happiness in XI-IS-02

Aloha readers! \m/
How are you nowadays? fine huh?
I'm feeling not really good , haha cause tomorrow Sutomo-ers will face our creepy examssss *OMG* *STRESSSS~* << GARY style :p influence me cause I watch Running Man korean variety shows a lot :D it's a funny, great,ridiculous & awesome variety show ever!
There'll be Jae Suk (Grasshopper/Yoomes Bond/Yu-ruce Willis), Jong Kook (Sparta/Tiger/Kookie~♥^^/Commander), HaHa (HaRoRo/Penguin), Ji Hyo (Mongji/Ace), Gary (Peaceful), Suk Jin (Impala/Big Nose) & Kwang Soo (Giraffe/Kwangvatar) & also with lots of attractive korean idols & actress or actor ;) recomend you all to watch it & don't even miss any single episodes of it :P lol, now there are 95 episodes of Running Man show.
So yesterday was the last day with XI-IS-02 , hope in the next term we'll be together in same class again :)
Now I'll upload some of our photos that we captured yesterday, credits of photos go to Andora Michi ;)

Thankyou for everything for this one year, you all are rockin' our class with lots of exhilarating things! Saranghaeyooo~ all ♥♥♥

That's all for today.
Wish me luck on accounting exam tomorrow *pray* lolol
Catch you on your flip side, guys! ;)

"True friendship is never serene."
--- Marquise de Sevigne
xoxo, Jennifer

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