Monday, March 11, 2013

Still alive.

Hello super-dead blog!
Long time no see, lol. Been soooo busy for last 2 months. Actually there are lots of things I wanna upload. Well, I mean CNY photos and my other not-so-important photos but still wanna upload them here, lol. 
Feel like proscrastinating has become my bad habits//sobs//anybody knows how to erase this kind of habit? *BIG SIGH*, on this Wesdnesday I'll have my UAS exams. Bzzz, I even got no preparation for those subjects haha, just hoping my exams results will turn out pretty good. lol. Guess that I hope too much huh?! Time flies too fast and in a blink of eye, these approximately two months will be my last year on senior high school. That's why perhaps I'll try to upload those photos on my very very next post *if I have my leisure time for sure*  Anyway, I've been finished watching some great Korean movies such as Innocent Man/Nice Guy, Alice in Cheongdamdong. Well, Flower Boy Next Door will be on my waiting list to watch after exam *maybe*. Hm...also some good western movies like The Impossible, Silent Hills, MAMA, SkyFall, and others. But tell ya I still haven't get a chance to watch new movies  like Hansel & Gretel or even Warm Bodies that are up on the cinema right now//sobs//after we have our UAS exams, we'll contibue with our last UN exams then definitely holidays will comeee!! In love with books//i mean novels//right now. Had read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Happiness Project & The Way We Were novels. Oh anyway guys, have you watch Jackie Chan & Choi Siwon starred on episode 135 RUNNING MAN? It's a great & funny one! With Jackie Chan inside, daebakk! It's a must to watch! lol.
Then nowadays I've been loving houndstooth pattern, studded & spikes bag//shoes//shirt, animal prints, louis vuitton plaid pattern, chanel boy flap bag, balenciaga, proenza schouler, bart simpson denim shirt or pants, velvet skirt or dress, leather peplum, camo pattern & many more. Can't get enough when we talk about fashion. Hm..guess that I type too much today. Wish me tons of luck for my coming exams! 
//Sorry if you guys feel bored, lol. Thankyou for reading my blog anyway//
//Bye. goodnight//

xx, Jenn.

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