Friday, April 19, 2013

Super Heroes remains forever.

hello my dead blog!
i've a quiet great new.
do you want to know? haha
the new is that my national exams were over yesterday.
super yay! feel glad & relieved.
Anyway, on this holidays I gotta travel with my besties on May, yayness!
Well, i tell ya, high school is a great, awesome, hilarious, & ridiculous time when having fun with our best pals ever! Really glad to know my Super Heroes classmates & my besties. I really really love them for sure haha :')
So here are our last high school memorable photos, let pictures speak more than words, enjoy :)

with Bu Ervina (economy tcher)& Jacqueline Naomi
with the girls, love them!♥

with my best deskmate at SHS grade 3 : Jesslyn Patrick-pinky-polkadot-durian. ehehe long nickname eh(?) lol loveyaa!♥♥
with the cutest twins ever : Catherine & Jacqueline Naomi. saranghaeyo ne dongsaeng♥♥
with Tuthy //the talkative secretary,lol// 
with the quiet girl Christine Handoko♥♥
with Regina & Christine
with Alice Tamara in wonderland, lol
with JesPat, Stanley & Billy
with them!
with my best SHS grade 1 deskmate Joselline Kumara♥♥
aaaa with my best girls Jeka, Irene & Sally, lovethem!♥♥
again this is my bestie//my best SHS grade 2 deskmate : Sally Chaiii♥♥
Ellista a.k.a Pete // my best partner in crime ever & also my fashiongossippartner lol, love her to the bones!♥♥

with Fully, Angelin, Jeka & Yenni
with my girls ♥
with daddy Jeffrey & Willy
with my bestie Windy , loveyaa!♥♥
with Lisse ♥

with mami Meilinda, Sally & WeEm
with model Cindy
with Jourdan acuan, hehe
selca with Rosana & Irene #ignore my face,lol
again, selca with Irene & Jeka. hihi♥
with Jody brooo
with Carissa ii ♥
with Jesung & Pete!♥♥

with Alvin, Sumar, Billy, Julius, Jacq & Tuthy. haha
with them, lol.

with Tiffany//TO
with RERE♥
with Melisa//apo♥
with those lovely girls♥
with Rinaldo, Yoren, Wina & Jesslyn

with Florencia , Jasmine & JesPat♥
with Alay-po Tiffany & Dominic a.k.a dom-哥 haha
with Rudy a.k.a s-h-r-e-k. sowry lol
together sayy 'saaapiiiiiii' lol

Super Heroes will make the world safe & peaceful
wooshhh! Super Heroes are coming to save you all!
When we gather , we are SUPER HEROES!! XII-IS-03 year 2012/2013 ♥♥♥
will miss you guys!♥ xx
That's the end of our photos, i don't really post all of them cause there are too many haha.
Well, hope all the best for you guys, keep up the good work, & stay healthy. 
Gotta go, bye!

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.
--- Stephen Chbosky
xoxo, Jennifer

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