Friday, November 12, 2010

Great or Bad day (?) :/

Hi bloggies ! ;;)
now i'm sitting in front of my computer typing today's post ;)
hmph, i wonder why my phone card can't work well :|
BBM pending, Ubertwitter's timeline stuck (!) =="
what a bad day :(
Wonder what must i do with it :3

Okay let's talk about things at school this morning ;)
Now Monol watch is trending everywhere, including my class :p
Monol watch got lots of colour ;;)
I bought a lot maybe ;p
haha, then my friends bought it too :D
I really love the "JRENG JRENG" colour :p
Hmm, today is really a GREAT DAY for our class because our maths teacher was absent today then all of us were FREEEEEE ! Hoorayy ! ROTFL :DD
My physics remed exam was great too just now ;)
hope i'll get good mark :D
Erm, perhaps not many things happen today, haha.
So that's all i can post for today (;
See you all at my next post :D

xoxo, Jenn

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