Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Morning ;;)

GOOD MORNINGGG bloggiess ! ;;)
Fresh morning yeah :D
Today is Sunday , 14th Nov'10 :)
My besties (novi) & my mamiiii at school (yu fendy) is celebrating their cakeday todayyy :D
Happy borndayy to both of you guys ;;)
Have a big big blast yeahhh ! :D

em, i woke up at seven today :)
But still sleepyy, LOL
What's my plan for today??
-go to buy grandmom's shoes
-find my heels ;)
-do my homework :| (*someonee, helpp meee ><)
-upload photos *maybe* lol xP
-go to shopping mall (?) *still not sure*
Hm,, perhaps that's all my plans for now :)
Wish Fejee luck for her mandarin exam :D
And don't forget to send me my photos :p
Hmph, one pimple on my face *sigh* :((
Wish it recover faster (;
Tomorrow i'll follow chemistry remed exam :(
Wish me a great great luck yeahh bloggies ;;)

I think that's all for all i can post now ;)
See yaaa on my next post !
xoxo, Jenn

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