Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November :) ♥

Hi guys :)
I just arrived at home and now i'm typing my blog.
On this November,
lots of my old friends will celebrate their bornday :D
I really miss my old friends <3

Em, i wanna tell that i'm still newbie for my blog :3
i need other friends to teach me how to manage this blog properly :|
hmph, on this November, my dearest uncle will marry !! <3
Wow, really wish him and aunt the best !
haha, i'm too excited for their wedding day :p LOL

At my new school, i met lots of new friends with lots of different characters of course :D
And at class, I sit with crazy and kind little girl Jojo, haha, she's my superduper besties at this new school ;)
yeahh, i won't have any tuition for today.
Today is Mauren's cakeday ! :D Wish her the best & have a big big blast <3 :*
i want December come faster so i can have holidaysss there! :p
Haha, that's all i wanna share for you all :D
see yaa on my next post !

Jenn ♥

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