Monday, March 28, 2011

My 16th Birthday Celebration on 25 MARCH 2011♥ :DD

Hello readers!
How are you? :DD
I'm quite great, anyway, I've been absent for few days cause I'm just too busy and yesterday it was a day that chinese people called Cheng Beng , it was a day to go to cemetery and pray for our ancestors :)
We did it every year :))
Anyway, I wanna talk about my 16th birthday celebration on 25th MARCH 2011 ♥ :DD
Well, it was really an exquisite birthday, thankyouu to all my friends :** love them all ♥♥♥ :DD
Muahahaa, jojo,anita,doreen,katherine,christine,jessica,caroline,candy,mauren,airine,sherly,nelly,yessyca,ivan,darwin & yopi bought me a cake ! awaw, thankss guyss ;DD
Thanks to my girls jojo for giving me Johanna Lindsey's novel (Say U Love Me) , anita for giving me flowery dress :* , jessica,caroline,candy&katherine bought me purple purse, & fejee bought me red purse :DD wow, they really knew what i like :** 

Now I wanna upload some of my birthday pictures at school , muahahaaa.
Let's take a look ;;)

Nyahaaha, that's some of photos at school, now I wanna post our photos at ZINGDO , when we've our dinner ;)
Stay tunes♥ ;;)

YAYY!! that's all i wanna share :DD
Hope you all enjoy it yeahh, i really feel impressed with my birthday celebration ;)
Got a big blast ;D muahaha, once more i wanna sayy THANKYOU GUYS :** Loveyouuuu♥ 
See you on my next post! :DD


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