Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Superb Tuesday :DD

Hello readers!
How are you?
Pretty fine huh? :DD
Well, this morning I had biology exams and I could did it well :DD
Superb!! ;DD
"Dear Biology, you've been good to me , i-love-you-biologyyy :*
Sincerely,Jenn ;DD"

muahahaa, little bit ridiculous yeah ;) but nevermind as I want :D
Hm, now I'm sitting infront of my pc listening to songs while typing this post :DD
HOORAYY! Tomorrow will be my last exam :DD
Sociology exam for tomorrow, wish me a big luck yeahh guys ;;)
Then tomorrow at 3pm I'll go visit my besties, Ale & gotta meet Mado & Novi ;;)
AAAAA, really miss them a lot :DD
Wish Wednesday come faster ><
But one problem, after we have our exams, we won't get any holiday :((
Geez, freak !
Maybe I'll post about Secret Garden movie at the next post ;)
Stay tunes ;)
See you on my next post yeah :DD


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