Sunday, April 29, 2012

Party rocking

Hello readers!
How're you on this Sunday?
Anyway, esterday I've attended Stella's birthday party at Nuansa Sky & Lounge.
Such a great party, captured lots of photos & ate 3 menus such as goat fried rice, steamboat & chicken steak, hehe, thankyou Stella :*
Well, some of the photos still on Stella's camera & not yet sent to us, some captured with Vera's phone. 

me , lol
with Andora
with Vera
with Pia
with Jeanthias , Thingdiacia & Vera
with Aska & Vera
with Aska & Vera
it's US !

That's all for today :)
Have a great day!
See you guys on my next post! 

"We have been friends together
In sunshine and in shade."

---- Caroline Sheridan Norton
xoxo, Jennifer

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