Thursday, August 2, 2012

Every single blissfulness.

Hello readers!
Happy Thursday :) it is raining on Medan right now.
Fortunately I've arrived home earlier before the heavy rain, lol.
So now I'm having my lil leisure time to type this post while try doing my homework,lol.
Last Sunday I hangout with my girls to Matador Country & we had a great day that time, of course lots of photos were taken as usual hehehe.
Will upload some of the photos here, so let our photos tell stories ;)
brownie nom nom~

#ootd starbucks t-shirt with high waist shorts.
with Meilinda & Angelin Ang ;)
with Fungi ang , lol.
with Jessica Kwanata
beveragesssss ;)
with Jesslyn , my desk mate hehee
with Meilinda, uriii mommy at school~ ;;)
with Angelin Ang a.k.a Fungii ;)

After Matador, we went to JK's home, hehe.
Photos taken again :p lolol


Okay that's all for today.
Gotta do other work , so goodbye all! ;)

"A friend in need is a friend indeed."

xoxo, Jennifer

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