Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hey it's Thursday :)

Hello readers!
How's life? :DD
Today is Thursday & now I'm sitting here typing this post ;)
Hm, today's lesson not so boring, but i really admit that civics lessons were the most boring one! =="cckk.
Great time at tuition today, nyahahaa.
Hm, nothing special today. Everything just ran so-so ;p
And I'm quite speechless today.
Oh yeah, just now our class got a piece of paper that written there'll be a valentine party on this coming Monday on Avia Samudra Restaurant :) anyone wanna join? nyahhaa.
Tell the truth, my girls asked me to join them , lol.
But I will think of it, hahahaa.
Not yet have a partner and gonna be single with other my girls :| will it be boring? :/
Let's see later , there'll be few days to decide :)
Hm, just now there's technical meeting for P2S1 on our school, actually me & my girls wanna joined mading , but no one of our group could attend that meeting just now, so i guess it's been postponed , nyahaha.
But nevermind, it's alright :pp
geez, i guess i'll just share this :)
See you on my next post!

xoxo, Jenn :)

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