Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hello readers! ‎​\(′▽`)/
How are you today?
Hope you all are rockin' as usual yeah ;;) HAHA, lol.
Today is FIRST of FEBRUARY :)) Yayy!! ‎​\(′▽`)/
Say goodbye to January & welcoming February!! ‎​\(‾▿‾\) ┌(_o_)┐(/‾▿‾)/
Well,today is such a quite good, erm, I mean not so pathetic :DD haha, lol :p
So, now I'm sitting right in front of my pc typing this blog, have u all eaten our dinner yet? ;D
I really fulled now ;;) hha. Had my udon with some rice :9
Listening to Just The Way You Are & Today My Life Begins songs ;)
Reallly love both of these songs a lot
I wonder why Bruno Mars could made such a wonderful yet amazing songs that fits every peoples feeling.
Like example the short lyric from "Just The Way You Are" 's song : "
When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change, Cause you're amazing, Just the way you are
And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while cause girl you're amazing, Just the way you are ~ ♪ "
Can you see how if a boy sings to his girl this song? Well, i guess the girl's heart will melt , pounding , affected , or even burst :p
Haha, me too perhaps will feel like that if the one that we love say those words from deepest of his heart with a tender-hearted feel :)
HAHA, thankyou to Bruno Mars for composed this such awesome song ;)
Loveyoubrunomars :* LOL ;;) ƪ(♥з♥)ʃ
Anyway, tomorrow gonna be a day which we'll call SA-CAP-MEH (30Meh) in chinese way :D
hahaa, it means it'll be the day before chinese new year come :))
Usually, we'll gathering with our family having great dinner night :D then have some talks each other :) such a great atmosphere every 30meh ;)
Oh yeah, gonna say that tomorrow I'll be heading to Brastgai where my aunt & uncle's house/shop placed there :) it was called Gundaling shop :) they sold lotsof electronics equipments such as tv,radio,torch,headset,headphone,cassette,calculators too , and many more ;) hahaa. If you need those things, you may visit my aunt or uncle's shop (*for peoples who live in Brastagi or visitors ;)) hhaa. *\(´▿`*\)(/*´▿`)/*
Well, seems like today I'm talking lots of things yeahh :D
GREAT :)) it's better than if I'm speechless like few days ago :| LOL
Erm, will tell you what will i do this night :)) will tidy my desk :| seems too many useless things there :3 nyahahhaa,, then of course I'll have my medi-pedi with my beloved mommy ƪ(♥з♥)ʃ
Nyahhahaa, wonder what colour of nail polish that I'll use later ;;)
Any suggest readers? hahaa :DD
ƪ(°͡▿▿▿▿▿▿°")͡ ƪ
haha,,perhaps the nude colours ? hm?
Geez, don't thing too much, just close my eyes and choose whatever colours :p lol
Then perhaps I won't post anything for this coming few days cause I'll have my holiday at Prapat! ;;) hahaa, don't miss me :*
But I'll post lots of things after I come back Medan ;)
So, i guess that's all i wanna talk for this post :D
See you on my next exquisite post :p


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