Monday, January 31, 2011

Last day of January 2011 ƪ(°͡▿▿▿▿▿▿°")͡ ƪ RAWR!

Hello readers! :)
How are you today? :)
Well, today is Mon(ster)day , creepy huh? ¬.¬ lol
And today is 31st of January 2011 so it means today is the last day of January.
We will welcome February and say goodbye to January soon :))
Em, nothing special today at school, but thanks to chemistry teacher for letting us to re-do our test so we can got good mark :)
English lesson & toefl just so so. No comment at all, hha.
Then the last creepy lesson was Maths :3
But I was relieved that he didn't test us any question about our subject :D
Well, tomorrow will be the opening day of February :)
Wew, then I'll back to my old tuition (johnson learning centre) tomorrow, so it'll be a pathetic day tomorrow, can't imagine how it will run(˘_˘")
Hope it'll just fine and nobody ruin my day ;) haha
Erm, just now our class monitor told us that our monthly exams postponed to 7 March'11 :|
GEEZ, such a hard work to study all of the materials later :((
and I hope I'll get great results :DD yay!
One more, today is such a hot hot day, fiuh ƪ(´˛`“)┐Can't stand for this weather :3
Oh yeahh,love both of this emoticons >>>( ‾▿▿▿▿▿▿‾ ) and ƪ(°͡▿▿▿▿▿▿°")͡ ƪ RAWR!
Such a cute emo , isn't it? :D HAHA ;;)
Well, that's all I wanna type today.
See you on my next post yeah!


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