Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Saturday ! ♥

Hello freakin' nice readers! ;;)
How are you?
haha,I'm quite great today :DD
Although not so good mood at school cause of chemistry's test :|
All of friends including me couldn't do it well, wew, the time just left 20 MINUTES and the teacher asked us to do two question , well, although just two question , but they were really damn difficult question!! ==" it really pissed me off , ckk.
Okayy, stop talking about that sucks chem.
Now gotta share some nice topic :))
After go home, me & jojo went to thamrin plaza to buy ticket movie.
Guess what we had watched this afternoon?
Me, jojo & anita watched ASYLUM movie :))

Hm,, it was quite good movie, not too good but it's okay :) haha,lol.
You may watch it if you want, guys :)
Then the synopsis is here :

"Snakes on a Plane director David R. Ellis follows up his high-flying tale of reptilian terror with this horrific frightened concerning a group of college students who discover that their dormitory was once a mental hospital presided over by a sadistic doctor. As the semester gets under way, it begins to appear as if the spirit of the malevolent M.D. has decided to remain in the haunted hallways in order to continue his experiments on the latest crop of students."

Well, we also had some fountain ice cream just now :)
We ate mint chip flavour :DD
Me & jojo loved it a lot haha.
I'll post some of our pictur
es yeah.
Let's take a look guys :)

Me :))
Jojo & Me :))
Me & Anita :))
So that's all for today , see you on my next posting! :D

xoxo, Jenn

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