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Movie list for 2011 :)

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If I Want To Whistle I Whistle

If I Want To Whistle I Whistle - If I Want To Whistle I Whistle Teaser Trailer.

We love foreign movies it's something about following subtitles that makes the movie more engaging. This is from Romanian and looks pretty darn good and is about a young 18 year old girl that is released from a young prison and depicts her journey going in and living the prison life and rehabilitating.

Phil Ochs There But For Fortune

Phil Ochs There But For Fortune - Phil Ochs There But For Fortune Teaser Trailer.

In this biographical documentary, veteran director Kenneth Bowser shows how Phil's fascinating life story and music were intertwined with the history-making events that defined a generation, from civil rights to the anti-war movement to the scandals of Watergate, protest singer Phil Ochs wrote songs that engaged his audiences in the issues of the 1960s and 70s.We think this will be a great movie for music lovers and old hippy's a like!

Season Of The Witch

Season of the Witch - Season Of The Witch Teaser Trailer.

14th-century knights transport a suspected witch to a monastery, where monks deduce her powers could be the source of the Black Plague.

The Absent

The Absent - The Absent Teaser Trailer.

This movie is about a high school teacher who is put under great pressure when he begins a love affair with one of his students and must choose between her and his career.The arrival of his twin brother, Oscar, returning from jail after serving 25 years for killing their parents only adds to the pressure and can only spell more trouble for the teacher in this griping horror thriller.

The Time That Remains

The Time That Remains - The Time That Remains Teaser Trailer.

This thought provoking drama is about the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 through to the modern present day.We think this movie will give us a great insight into how other country's live.

No One Killed Jessica

No One Killed Jessica - No One Killed Jessica Teaser Trailer.

No One Killed Jessica plot coming soon...

Ong Bak 3

Ong Bak 3 - Ong Bak 3 Teaser Trailer.

A young Thai boxer learns the skills and inner meaning of martial arts.

Barneys Version

Barneys Version - Barneys Version Teaser Trailer.

When a guy goes missing people start to question his buddy, whom lives his life recklessly, having three marriages and two children he never sees, a man who likes to live life on the edge. Could he have the answer to the disappearance of his friend?.With a great cast this should be a good drama.

Every Day

Every Day - Every Day Teaser Trailer.

This comedy drama is about a couple played by Liev Schreiber and Helen Hunt, whose troubled marriage escalates into crisis when a young sexy work colleague, played by Carla Gugino, enters their life's.We think this will be a great movie guy's because of the fantastic cast.

Burning Palms

Burning Palms - Burning Palms Teaser Trailer.

A subversive tale that interlaces five stories set in Los Angeles, where no taboo is left unexplored as each character careens toward a dark and often comic fate.

A Somewhat Gentle Man

A Somewhat Gentle Man - A Somewhat Gentle Man Teaser Trailer.

Thia crime comedy is about an ex-convict who is released from prison and wants to live a normal, quiet life, but at the same time is also looking for vengeance against the snitch who put him in jail in the first place.

The Heart Specialist

The Heart Specialist - The Heart Specialist Teaser Trailer.

This is a rework as far as were3 aware of the 2006 film "Ways of the Flesh" this is a light hearted comedy with a b list cast list.

Plastic Planet

Plastic Planet - Plastic Planet Teaser Trailer.

Plastic Planet plot coming soon...


Ranchero - Ranchero Teaser Trailer.

After the death of his parents Rockabilly Jesse Torres leaves his childhood cattle ranch for the Bright Lights of the Big City,where he finds that his childhood friend Tom is not only into drugs in a big way but living in a squalid neighborhood of gangs and broken dreams and is in deep to the local gangs and as he struggles to help his friend break away. He finds solace in local girl, Lil' Bit, but as the romance blossoms Jesse finds himself confronted by the neighborhood mobster, Capone (Danny Trejo)who owns Lil' Bit and so as to choose whether to free the woman he loves or save his friend.

The Company Men

The Company Men - The Company Men Teaser Trailer.

The story centers on a year in the life of three men trying to survive a round of corporate downsizing at a major company - and how that affects them, their families, and their communities. |

The Way Back

The Way Back - The Way Back Teaser Trailer.

Colin Farrell and Ed Harris star in this fact-based Movie about soldiers thats escaped from a Siberian gulag in 1940.

The Housemaid

The Housemaid - The Housemaid Teaser Trailer.

The hero, a composer, has an immoral relation to a maid. The maid is jealous of his wife and gives vent to her bad temper to him. When the hero rebukes her, she asks him for dying together for love.

Evangelion 20 You Can Not Advance

Evangelion 20 You Can Not Advance - Evangelion 20 You Can Not Advance Teaser Trailer.

Evangelion 20 You Can Not Advance plot coming soon...

Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat - Dhobi Ghat Teaser Trailer.

Dhobi Ghat plot coming soon...

The Rite

The Rite - The Rite Teaser Trailer.

An American priest travels to Italy to study at an exorcism school. Anthony Hopkins a true legend in acting we dont think that he's ever been in a movie with Rutger Hauer has he?

The Mechanic

The Mechanic - The Mechanic Teaser Trailer.

An aging hitman befriends a young man who wants to be a professional killer. Eventually it becomes clear that someone has betrayed them.

From Prada To Nada

From Prada To Nada - From Prada To Nada Teaser Trailer.

This drama movie is the story of two sisters who's life's are turned upside down when their father dies leaving them poor and homeless and they have to go and live at their Great Aunt Aurelia's modest, but friendly home in the Latino-centric Boyle Heights neighborhood.There they come to love the culture and find romance.


Biutiful - Biutiful Teaser Trailer.

A man involved in illegal dealing is confronted by his childhood friend, who is now a policeman. |


Kaboom - Kaboom Teaser Trailer.

This teen movie is about a group of college students discovering their sexuality for the first time, with all of them having different experiences and story's to tell.

Ip Man 2 Legend Of The Grandmaster

Ip Man 2 Legend Of The Grandmaster - Ip Man 2 Legend Of The Grandmaster Teaser Trailer.

Grandmaster Ip Man is forced to teach the enemey his master skills in fighting but when he refuses he must take on an army of organized fights to meet the greatest enemy fighter at that time General Miura.

Seconds Apart

Seconds Apart - Seconds Apart Teaser Trailer.

If your a fan of horror movies then this is the movie for you, it's about twins Seth and Jonah who share an evil murderous kinship, even though they come from a privileged lifestyle. Damned from the moment of their births, the brothers possess a gruesome talent for telekinesis - a power they use in the most horrific ways imaginable. As fellow students find to their cost. Can they be stopped? we shall see.

Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go - Everything Must Go Teaser Trailer.

A strange comedy drama, but none the less funny about a guy played by Will Ferrell who loses his job and gets locked out of the house by his wife, who then troughs all of his belongings out on the front lawn and so with no where to stay and no money he spends the next four days trying to sell his possessions!.We think this will be a great movie with lots of laughs because of Will Ferrell's input.

Lord Of The Dance

Lord Of The Dance - Lord Of The Dance Teaser Trailer.

Lord Of The Dance plot coming soon...

The Imperialists Are Still Alive

The Imperialists Are Still Alive - The Imperialists Are Still Alive Teaser Trailer.

The Imperialists Are Still Alive plot coming soon...

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives - Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives Teaser Trailer.

A dying old man choses to spend his last days with his loved ones in the countryside. The ghost of his deceased wife appears to care for him and his long-lost son returns home in a non-human form.


Beastly - Beastly Teaser Trailer.

This movie was supposed to be out July 2010 but was put back to developments untold the movie is a retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast but modernized and in Manhattan.


Rango - Rango Teaser Trailer.

The story of a chameleon with an identity crisis. Animation flick with a cool cast the main man Johnny Depp stars with a great supporting cast.

Young Americans

Young Americans - Young Americans Teaser Trailer.

Follow an aimless college grad who pursues his dream girl at a wild Labor Day weekend party. He, his twin sister and their best friend struggle with their burgeoning adulthood over the course of the night. We cant express to you enough how hot we think Anna Faris is she's smoking Hot looking forward to this one more news as we get it.

The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau - The Adjustment Bureau Teaser Trailer.

The affair between a politician and a ballerina is affected by mysterious forces keeping the lovers apart.

The 5th Quarter

The 5th Quarter - The 5th Quarter Teaser Trailer.

This emotional, true story is about a family who When a tragic car crash claims the life of their fifteen year-old son Luke Abbate, his older brother Jon considers ending his own college football career but instead decide to honor his brother's memory and continue playing. With his coach's approval, Jon changes his jersey to Luke's number 5, and dedicates the upcoming football season in remembrance and the team goes on to win a record of 11 games and a trip to the Orange Bowl.


HappyThankYouMorePlease - Happythankyoumoreplease Teaser Trailer.

Captures a generational moment - young people on the cusp of truly growing up, tiring of their reflexive cynicism, each in their own ways struggling to connect and define what it means to love and be loved.

Old Cats

Old Cats - Old Cats Teaser Trailer.

Isadora and Enrique live a comfortable life. They have a modest yet elegant apartment in Santiago's old downtown district complete with a lovely terrace and mountain views. Well into their 80's, they both maintain their independence and love their life and most of all their beloved two ample cats. That is until, one day,the building's elevator breaks and unable to descend the ten flights down, Isadora is left a prisoner in her own home. At the same inconvenient time, Isadora's greedy "wild child" daughter Rosario and her butch female lover, Hugo, come for a visit with a new "scheme" of how to make them all rich. The one glitch is that the elderly couple must sign over the lease to them.This looks to be a great dark movie.

Battle Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles - Battle Los Angeles Teaser Trailer.

New trailer released this looks incredible we can't wait for this one!! A Marine platoon faces off against an alien invasion in Los Angeles. Aaron Eckhart was especially good in Batman Dark Knight and we know hes capable of pulling of a great performance in any movie this movie sounds like it could be a huge hit in 2011

Mars Need Moms

Mars Need Moms - Mars Need Moms Teaser Trailer.

New trailer just out for this cool animation flick check it out this looks decent starring seth green as milo. A young boy named Milo gains a deeper appreciation for his mom after Martians come to Earth to take her away. Cool animation flick with a good humoured cast with some great Movies under their belt such as Seth Green of Scream.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre - Jane Eyre Teaser Trailer.

A mousy governess who softens the heart of her employer soon discovers that he's hiding a terrible secret.

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood - Red Riding Hood Teaser Trailer.

Set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf, a young girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family's displeasure. Classic telling of an ancient story but back to life by the visual effects of Hollywood.

Certified Copy

Certified Copy - Certified Copy Teaser Trailer.

Thia drama is about a French gallery owner living in a Tuscan village who attends a lecture by a British author on authenticity and fakery in art.Finding that they have an a mediate attraction to one and other she invites him on a tour of the countryside during which he is mistaken for her husband by the locals.

Kill The Irishman

Kill The Irishman - Kill The Irishman Teaser Trailer.

This movie tells the story of the Rise and fall of gangster Danny Greene who tried to get the better of an Italian mob in 1970s in Cleveland and began a war that ravaged the streets of Cleveland and Crippled the Mafia."leading to the collapse of the Mafia in a number of U.S. cities, including Kansas City and Los Angeles. A great cast and a movie we are sure to enjoy.

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives - Forks Over Knives Teaser Trailer.

Forks Over Knives plot coming soon...

The Butcher The Chef And The Swordsman

The Butcher The Chef And The Swordsman - The Butcher The Chef And The Swordsman Teaser Trailer.

The Butcher The Chef And The Swordsman plot coming soon...

The Dark Fields

The Dark Fields - The Dark Fields Teaser Trailer.

An intellectual slacker and former cocaine addict, now eking out a living as a copywriter for a small publishing house.


Cracks - Cracks Teaser Trailer.

A look at the lives and relationships among girls at an elite British boarding school.


Paul - Paul Teaser Trailer.

A science-fiction comedy movie about two dude comic book addicts that travel to the world famous u.s.a Area 51 and come across some strange out of this world goings on.

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer - The Lincoln Lawyer Teaser Trailer.

New trailer added, the movie looks interesting and is based on the best selling book. This gangster drama is about Mickey Haller a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back of his Lincoln Continental sedan. Haller has spent most of his career defending small-time criminals, until one day when he lands the case of a lifetime: defending a Beverly Hills playboy accused of murder. But the seemingly straightforward case suddenly develops into a deadly game of survival for himself!

Win Win

Win Win - Win Win Teaser Trailer.

Win Win plot coming soon...

Desert Flower

Desert Flower - Desert Flower Teaser Trailer.

This is the true moving story of Waris Dirie, who fled from an arranged marriage in Somalia when she was just 13-years-old,she then made her way to London where she lived has a homeless person before being spotted by a top modeling agency and becoming a supermodel and a spokeswoman for the UN.A great cast and a rags to riches story we all love to hear about.

Winter In Wartime

Winter In Wartime - Winter In Wartime Teaser Trailer.

This war drama is about a 14-year-old boy Michael, who close to the end of World War II,helps a wounded British soldier thus getting himself involved with the Resistance learning him about the ugly realities of war. We this will be a very compelling movie.

The Beaver

The Beaver - The Beaver Teaser Trailer.

The Beaver plot coming soon...

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch - Sucker Punch Teaser Trailer.

A young girl is institutionalized by her wicked stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the facility.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2 Rodrick Rules

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2 Rodrick Rules - Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2 Rodrick Rules Teaser Trailer.

"Rodrick Rules," which will be based on the second book in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series, follows middle school student Greg Heffley, his older brother Rodrick, and the school talent show.


Miral - Miral Teaser Trailer.

A chronicle of Hind Husseini's effort to establish an orphanage in Jerusalem after the 1948 partition of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel.


Skateland - Skateland Teaser Trailer.

In the early 1980s, in small-town Texas, dramatic events force a 19-year-old skating rink manager to look at his life in a very new way.

Peep World

Peep World - Peep World Teaser Trailer.

Peep World plot coming soon...


Dumbstruck - Dumbstruck Teaser Trailer.

Dumbstruck plot coming soon...

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams - Cave Of Forgotten Dreams Teaser Trailer.

Shot-In-3-D this fascinating documentary explores the oldest cave paintings ever found, in the Chauvet region of Southern France. .

Friends With Kids

Friends With Kids - Friends With Kids Teaser Trailer.

This comedy movie is about a pair of thirty something best friends who observe the stresses that having kids has taken on the couples they know and pledge to bypass that stress by having a child first and then date other people,but this is going to be no plane sailing. Staring the beautiful Megan Fox this looks set to be a fun movie.

The Edge

The Edge - The Edge Teaser Trailer.

The Edge plot coming soon...

Dam 999

Dam 999 - Dam 999 Teaser Trailer.

DAM999 warns the world about the consequences of a Dam disaster biased with the concept of Navarasa and many forgotten rich concepts of India. The movie wont be for all but does promise to give us a good insight into Indian British relationships that span over 100 hundred years since the Dams creation.

I Hop

I Hop - I Hop Teaser Trailer.

The Easter Bunny is accidentally hit by a car, and it's up to the offending driver to save Easter. Another comedy movie from the rising British star Russel Brand do you like him? we do he's cool and will go all the way.

Mothers Day

Mothers Day - Mothers Day Teaser Trailer.

This remake of Charles Kaufman's 1980 Troma cult classic,is about Three brothers who on the run from the law head for home, where they discover that their mother as lost the house in a foreclosure. With their Mother bent on revenge she plans and helps her sons' escape and teaches the house's new owners and their guests a few lessons along the way!

Source Code

Source Code - Source Code Teaser Trailer.

New Trailer out for this is looks pretty good :) . A complex sci-fi story about a soldier who witnesses a train explotion but not in his own body but that of a commuter! this promises to be a intriguing film staring the fantastic Jake Gyllenhaal.


Incendies - Incendies Teaser Trailer.

This powerful and moving tale of two young adults is about Twins Jeanne and Simon who travel to the Middle East after their mother's last wishes to unearth their tangled roots, it's a voyage to the core of deep-rooted hatred, never-ending wars and enduring love.Based on the stage play by Wajdi Mouawad, we look forward to seeing the big screen version.


Trust - Trust Teaser Trailer.

Trust plot coming soon...


Further - Further Teaser Trailer.

Further plot coming soon...

The Princess Of Montpensier

The Princess Of Montpensier - The Princess Of Montpensier Teaser Trailer.

This romantic drama is about a Princess named Marie who is forced to marry the Prince de Montpensier,by her father the Marquis de Mézières to increase his family’s prestige,even though she has never met him before and is in love with someone else, she finds herself torn between love and duty to her country and must decide her future.Oh we do love a good romance!

Our Lady Of Victory

Our Lady Of Victory - Our Lady Of Victory Teaser Trailer.

Our Lady Of Victory plot coming soon...

Your Highness

Your Highness - Your Highness Teaser Trailer.

A fantasy movie about an arrogant, lazy prince and his more heroic brother who must complete a quest in order to save their father's kingdom.

Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer - Soul Surfer Teaser Trailer.

Based on the book "Soul Surfer:This is a True Story about a competitive teen surfer who is attacked by a shark and looses her left arm, determined to get back on the board and not to be beaten she returns to the water and to her beloved surfing.A true inspirational story of faith.


Hanna - Hanna Teaser Trailer.

A 14-year-old who was raised by her father to be a cold-hearted killing machine connects with a French family who look to help ease her into a more conventional life.


Arthur Christmas - Arthur Teaser Trailer.

How does Sanat deliver all his presents in one night??? Well with the help of Arthur of course! :P


Ceremony - Ceremony Teaser Trailer.

Comedy about a young guy who falls madly in love with an older women who just happens to be getting married to someone else, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and break up the wedding taking a unsuspecting friend along with him.

Meeks Cutoff

Meeks Cutoff - Meeks Cutoff Teaser Trailer.

This western movie is about three families in 1845 the earliest days of the Oregon Trail, and a wagon train who hire a mountain man Stephen Meek to guide them over the Cascade Mountains,he tells them he knows a shortcut but gets them lost with no food and water they face certain death,but then when a Native American wanderer crosses their path,they are torn between their trust in Meek who has proven himself unreliable and a man who has always been seen as a natural born enemy!

Born To Be Wild

Born To Be Wild - Born To Be Wild Teaser Trailer.

This documentary Shot-In-3D is about extraordinary people who put their own life's at risk to rescue orphaned orangutans and elephants and raise them saving endangered species one life at a time. A truly inspiring movie we can't wait to see.

Miss January

Miss January - Miss January Teaser Trailer.

Miss January plot coming soon...

Scream 4

Scream 4 - Scream 4 Teaser Trailer.

Wes Craven is back with the fourth installmant of the Scream movie series hold onto your seats this si going to be a scary one!


Rio - Rio Teaser Trailer.

A cool looking Animation movie for all the family were looking forward to this one as I bet you are Animation movies are so cool.

The Intruders

The Intruders - The Intruders Teaser Trailer.

A San Francisco socialite and TV talkshow star's life is ruined when she moves into an apartment house built upon a former hanging ground and cemetery. William Shatner's acting skills will shine through once more in this thriller.

The Conspirator

The Conspirator - The Conspirator Teaser Trailer.

In this Historical drama about the assassination of president Lincoln, it tells the story of the women charged with his murder and whether or not she worked alone or even if she was guilty at all of the crime!.

Legend Of The Fist The Return Of Chen Zhen

Legend Of The Fist The Return Of Chen Zhen - Legend Of The Fist The Return Of Chen Zhen Teaser Trailer.

A Japanese telling of a revenge killing by a warrior who was supposedly shot down and killed 7 years before a blood lust kung-fu caper from Japan.

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged - Atlas Shrugged Teaser Trailer.

Atlas Shrugged plot coming soon...

Water For Elephants

Water For Elephants - Water For Elephants Teaser Trailer.

Based on Sara Gruen's Depression-era circus novel.This movie is about a 90-year-old man who reminisces about his life during the Depression, when he found work taking care of the animals at a B-level circus,where he fell in love with the wife of a brutal animal trainer and how he saw all the brutality of circus life.


Knockout - Knockout Teaser Trailer.

A black ops super soldier seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission. Wow what a great cast looking good cant wait for this one after the Christmas holidays.

Born To Be A Star

Born To Be A Star - Born To Be A Star Teaser Trailer.

A kid from the Midwest moves out to Hollywood in order to follow in his parents footsteps -- and become a porn star.

African Cats

African Cats - African Cats Teaser Trailer.

A nature documentary centered on two cat families and how they teach their cubs the ways of the wild. A move for all follow 3 lions on their travels around the of plains of Africa.

Apollo 18

Apollo 18 - Apollo 18 Teaser Trailer.

This Sci-Fi documentary shows actual film footage purported to have been shot by the crew of Apollo 18. This moon mission from the early 1970s was officially canceled by NASA, but according to urban legend, it actually happened!it shows signs of alien life and the events of the mission are built into a fascinating movie thriller with a great storyline. we cant wait for this one guy's.

Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Family

Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Family - Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Family Teaser Trailer.

Shirley learns that she has terminal cancer and only a few weeks to live so she decides to get her family together to tell them the news.


Good Intentions - Intent Teaser Trailer.

Meet Etta Milford. Loving Wife. Doting Mother. Armed Robber. Etta's husband constantly blows their money on make-shift inventions...

Fast Five

Fast Five - Fast Five Teaser Trailer.

Fugitives Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner are pursued by lawmen. A reuniting of actors in Paul Walker and Vin Diesel this looks action packed and should be a great movie for all.


Prom - Prom Teaser Trailer.

This comedy revolves around Nova (Aimee Teegarden), a detail-obsessed prom committee leader who as her plans turned upside down when she unexpectedly falls for the schools bad boy Rick(Thomas McDonell).


Thor - Thor Teaser Trailer.

Partially disabled medical student Dr. Donald Blake discovers his heretofore unknown true form, Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. This will be a huge movie and epic to say the least expect some box office records to be broken with this one. We have just added a Bootleg Thor trailer looking good! Does it get you all excited about the Movie. The new trailer is about 5 minutes long :)

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed - Something Borrowed Teaser Trailer.

A story about a Manhattan attorney who becomes involved with her best friend's fianc�. |

Jumping The Broom

Jumping The Broom - Jumping The Broom Teaser Trailer.

Twofamilies from different backgrounds come together for a wedding on Martha’s Vineyard. Promises to be a really funny film.


Priest - Priest Teaser Trailer.

A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece.


Bridesmaids - Bridesmaids Teaser Trailer.

A simple Midwestern girl is asked to be her best friend Lillian's maid of honor, she struggles to please the snobby, rich bridesmaids at every pre-wedding event.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 4

Pirates of The Caribbean 4 - Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 Teaser Trailer.

After Jack Sparrow meets Barbossa in the newly found New Orleans, they sail to find the fountain of youth together only to find that Blackbeard is after it too.

The Hangover 2

The Hangover 2 - The Hangover 2 Teaser Trailer.

How good was this movie the first time round it was simply one of the funniest films we have ever seen we hope that the second film is as good ads the first that way we wont be disappointed at all bring it on.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2 - Kung Fu Panda 2 Teaser Trailer.

More fantastic adventures from Po the Panda (Jack Black) and and his friends known as the Furious Five - Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey. This second movie follows Po who, whilst in search of other pandas, comes across a group of bandits. A character called Peacock who helps Po on his way is not all that he appears to be,Peacock will be voiced by Gary Oldman.We really enjoyed the first Kung Fu Panda so we can't wait for this latest installment!

Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life - Tree Of Life Teaser Trailer.

The story centers around a family with three boys in the 1950s. The eldest son witnesses the loss of innocence. Brad Pitt stars and we all know any Movie with him in it is always awesome were looking very forward to this film.

X Men First Class

X Men First Class - X Men First Class Teaser Trailer.

Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time...


Beginners - Beginners Teaser Trailer.

A son is shocked to find that not only is his father dying, but that he as a young lover and that the lover is a MALE!. A touching movie that is both heartbreaking and funny.

Super 8

Super 8 - Super 8 Teaser Trailer.

This Sci-Fi is about a group of kids who in 1979 accidentally caught what escaped from one of the cargo cars that was transporting materials from area 51 after the Air Force closed a part of it down, it was on it's way to a secure facility in Ohio when the train derailed, the kids were playing at making movies with their Super 8 cameras and filming the trains just as it happened.Sounds like a great movie guy's.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern - Green Lantern Teaser Trailer.

A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher - Bad Teacher Teaser Trailer.

This comedy is about a foul-mouthed, gold-digging seventh-grade teacher who is dumped by her sugar-daddy boyfriend and so decides to turn her attention towards a colleague, which puts her against a rival who happens to be the school's model teacher.We think this will be a great movie because of the the fantastic cast.

Mr Poppers Penguins

Mr Poppers Penguins - Mr Poppers Penguins Teaser Trailer.

When a workman decidesw he wants to live out his dream of exploring the Arctic he decides to write to real explorers. But one of the explorers sends him a penguin strangely enough, which he kept in an icebox. Before he knows it he ends up with a litter of penguins which he decides to form a stage act with.

Cars 2

Cars 2 - Cars 2 Teaser Trailer.

Racing star Lightning McQueen teams up with his best friend Mater for an international adventure as they go up against the world's fastest cars.

Transformers 3

Transformers 3 - Transformers 3 Teaser Trailer.

Well here it is the Teaser Trailer for Transformers 3 WOW this looks incredible we can't wait to see this movie now yay!!

Transformers 3 trailer coming December 10th with the release of Narnia 3 yay!

Here we go then the Synopsis has just been revealed for Transformers 3 The Dark of the Moon:

"The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, are back in action, taking on the evil Decepticons, who are determined to avenge their defeat in 2009’s Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. In this new movie, the Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the U.S. and Russia, and once again human Sam Witwicky has to come to the aid of his robot friends. There’s new characters too, including a new villain in the form of Shockwave, a longtime “Transformers” character who rules Cybertron while the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out on Earth."

We have just discovered that the title of the Movie is going to be called Transformers 3 The Dark of the Moon we cant wait for this one we will keep you posted as soon as we get any more information on this :)

Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne - Larry Crowne Teaser Trailer.

After losing his job, a middle-aged man reinvents himself by going back to college. Tom hanks is one of if not the greatest actor to grace our screens hes an absolute legend and now starring alongside Julia Roberts for the first time in this Movie we cant wait for this one :)

One For The Money

One For The Money - One For The Money Teaser Trailer.

Katherine Heigl wants to become a Bounty Hunter her first job is to track down a man on the run for murder it just so happens that it's the same guy that broke her heart a few years back but she soon realizes that the job is not all it's cracked up to be.


Zookeeper - Zookeeper Teaser Trailer.

The animals at one particular zoo decide to break their code of silence in order to help their lovable zookeeper gain the attention of one particular woman. This movie as a really good cast and will no doubt be a big success.

One Day

One Day - One Day Teaser Trailer.

One Day plot coming soon...


Rapt - Rapt Teaser Trailer.

This thriller is about a millionaire who is kidnapped buy underworld criminals and held for ransom, his family have only 48 hours to come up with 10,000000 dollars or he will be executed, trouble is he is worth more dead than alive to his estranged next of kind!

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Ii

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Ii - Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Ii Teaser Trailer.

The end begins as Harry, Ron, and Hermione go back to Hogwarts to find and destroy Voldemorts final horcruxes...

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh - Winnie The Pooh Teaser Trailer.

This all-new hand-drawn animated movie about Winnie The pooh and his friends,Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Kanga, Roo—and last, but certainly not least, Eeyore, who has lost his tail. Owl sends the whole gang on a wild quest to save Christopher Robin from an imaginary culprit and find Eeyore's tail, in a day when all Winnie set out to do was find some hunny.

The First Avenger Captain America

The First Avenger Captain America - The First Avenger Captain America Teaser Trailer.

After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals.

Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits - Friends With Benefits Teaser Trailer.

The relationship between two friends (Timberlake and Kunis) gets complicated when they decide to get romantic.

Cowboys And Aliens

Cowboys And Aliens - Cowboys And Aliens Teaser Trailer.

This looks incredible from Steve Spielberg Brand new HD teaser trailer added for Cowboys And Aliens added :) enjoy. In Silver City, Arizona, Apache Indians and Western settlers must lay their differences aside when an alien spaceship crash lands in their city.

Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love - Crazy Stupid Love Teaser Trailer.

A movie about a father and managing his children whilst having marital issues with his partner and keeping things on the happy side.

The Whistleblower

The Whistleblower - The Whistleblower Teaser Trailer.

A drama based on the experiences of Kathryn Bolkovac, a Nebraska cop who served as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia and outed the U.N. for covering up a sex scandal.

The Smurfs

The Smurfs - The Smurfs Teaser Trailer.

The adventures of a mythical race of little blue creatures that must deal with each other and humans, particularly an evil sorcerer obsessed with capturing them for his own sinister purposes.

The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour - The Darkest Hour Teaser Trailer.

This Horror Sci-Fi movie shot in 3D is about a small band of tourists in Moscow who team up to find a way to destroy the alien's powerful defenses after they have attacked and conquered the earth by frying our electronic grid and systematically hunting down the disorganized, pathetically under defended powerful defenses.

Change Up

Change Up - Change Up Teaser Trailer.

This comedy staring the delectable Ryan Reynolds is about a responsible family guy who switches bodies with his best friend in order to woo his co-worker,trouble is is that his friend is a lazy man-child. We can see fun and frolics ahead in this movie guy's.

The Sitter

The Sitter - The Sitter Teaser Trailer.

Described as a cross between "Superbad" and "Adventures in Babysitting." A suspended college student, living at home with his single mom, is talked into baby-sitting the kids next door–two boys and a wild 8-year-old girl. Comedy with Jonah Hill whos doing really well in Hollywood lately.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo - Monte Carlo Teaser Trailer.

Three young women vacationing in Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress.

30 Minutes Or Less

30 Minutes Or Less - 30 Minutes Or Less Teaser Trailer.

Two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery driver and force him to rob a bank within 30 minutes.

The Help

The Help - The Help Teaser Trailer.

Based on the best-selling novel "The Help", written by Kathryn Stockett,this movie is about a young white woman in the early 1960s in Mississippi who writes the stories of African-American domestic servants and their mistreatment,abuse and heartbreak at the hands of the family's they worked for, all just before the Civil Rights revolution.

Spy Kids Iv

Spy Kids Iv - Spy Kids Iv Teaser Trailer.

Spy Kids 4: Armageddon is another spy kids movie we see them all and their all pretty cool fun for all this time their in 3D enjoy :)

Fright Night

Fright Night - Fright Night Teaser Trailer.

What's college without beer, babes, and vampires?!? Campus life (or lack thereof) is about to take on a whole new meaning when the University. A remake of the Classic Fright Night films where a teenager discovers that his neighbours are Vampires.

The Mistaken

The Mistaken - The Mistaken Teaser Trailer.

The story centres on an American man who becomes a terrorism suspect while travelling with his family.


Conan The Barbarian - Conan Teaser Trailer.

The tale of Conan the Cimmerian and his adventures across the continent of Hyboria on a quest to avenge the murder of his father and the slaughter of his village.

Final Destination 5

Final Destination 5 - Final Destination 5 Teaser Trailer.

Scary grab the edge of your seat stuff as awlays from the the Final Destination franchise apparently expect a suspension bridge and another scene reportedly involves a character undergoing laser-eye surgery

The Loop

The Loop - The Loop Teaser Trailer.

A man in search of his past, and a woman who lives in the moment, are brought together when they pursue the origins of a stray parrot in this comedic and romantic drama.


Columbiana - Columbiana Teaser Trailer.

this movie is set in Latin America and the U.S. It's about a young woman who Zoe Saldana who, after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogotá, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin hell bent on getting revenge on her parents killer,so she works for her uncle as a hit-man by day, but her personal time is spent taking part in vigilante murders that she hopes will lead her to her ultimate target: the mobster responsible for her parents' death.We do love a good vigilante movie and this one promises to be great.

Shark Night 3 D

Shark Night 3 D - Shark Night 3 D Teaser Trailer.

When 7 strangers go on vacation in the Louisiana Gulf it turns out to be a nightmare as they start to experience shark attacks.


Warrior - Warrior Teaser Trailer.

The youngest son (Hardy) of an alcoholic former boxer (Nolte) returns home, where he's trained by his...

The Apparition

The Apparition - The Apparition Teaser Trailer.

A couple are haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment. Supernatual horrors are the best horrors in our opinion this does look good and were looking forward to seeing it at the Cinemas.

Piranha 3d The Sequel

Piranha 3d The Sequel - Piranha 3d The Sequel Teaser Trailer.

This horror Sequel about the prehistoric man-eating piranhas will be just as gruesome as the first but in 3-D,with the man-eating piranhas even nastier than ever. You've been warned!

Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs - Straw Dogs Teaser Trailer.

L.A. screenwriter David Sumner relocates with his wife to her hometown in the deep South. There, while tensions build between them, a brewing conflict with locals becomes a threat to them both. A remake of the classic Straw Dogds starring Dustin Hoffman.

Johnny English 2

Johnny English 2 - Johnny English 2 Teaser Trailer.

The next installment of Johnny English promises to be even funnier than the first, this time he's drawn into a plot by a team of assassin’s to kill the Chinese premier.We look forward to more slapstick fun from the very funny Rowan Atkinson.


Abduction - Abduction Teaser Trailer.

A teen who has long felt separated from his parents figures out why, then unleashes a chain of violent events.


Moneyball - Moneyball Teaser Trailer.

Moneyball plot coming soon...

Dolphins Tale

A Dolphins Tale - Dolphins Tale Teaser Trailer.

About a wonderful Dolphin called Winter that befriends a young boy and has a wonderful adventure with him.

20 Times A Lady

20 Times A Lady - What's Your Number? - 20 Times A Lady Teaser Trailer.

Also known as What's your number?, 20 Times a Lady, Twenty Times a Lady the movie is about a women that has slept with 20 men and her sexual limit as peaked she then goes one by one to the other 19 Men to see if one of them could be the 'One' starring the beautiful Anna Faris.

Soul Of The Age

Soul Of The Age - Soul Of The Age Teaser Trailer.

The story is about Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, he was an accomplished poet and dramatist for Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th Century. In the 20th Century rumor's were spread that it was in fact Edward that was the true author of Shakespeare's works.How intriguing.

Dream House

Dream House - Dream House Teaser Trailer.

This Suspense thriller is about a New York publishing exec played by Daniel Craig who relocates his family to a small New England town, but when things start to go bump in the night he finds out from the locals that their new home was the scene of a vicious murder!


Courageous - Courageous Teaser Trailer.

This action drama is about four men with one calling: To serve and protect,but when tragedy strikes home, these men are left fighting with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their parenting. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God … and to their children?

The Rum Diary

The Rum Diary - The Rum Diary Teaser Trailer.

Johnny Depp will play Paul Kemp a young New Yorker starting out as a newspaperman in Puerto Rico in the late '50s. He soon begins to realize that he is going to be working with some crazy characters consisting of has-beens, mad geniuses, drunks, and spongers,who would be more at home in the Foreign Legion. With Johnny Depp staring who Care's what the movie's about!

Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters

Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters - Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters Teaser Trailer.

Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters plot coming soon...

Real Steel

Real Steel - Real Steel Teaser Trailer.

A boxing drama set in the near-future where 2,000-pound robots that look like humans do battle.


Wanderlust - Wanderlust Teaser Trailer.

A married couple Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, decide they have had enough of the rat-race of modern day society and want a more chilled out way of life so they join a commune who's beliefs are about being free spirits,letting it all hang out and just taking it easy man. With a great comedy duo we are sure this will be a great movie.

The Thing

The Thing - The Thing Teaser Trailer.

At an Antarctica research site, the discovery of an alien craft leads to a confrontation between graduate student Kate Lloyd and scientist Dr...


Footloose - Footloose Teaser Trailer.

A modernized retelling of the classic footloose film which started Kevin bacon way back in the 80's how hot is Julianne Hough! :P

Three Musketeers 3 D

Three Musketeers 3 D - Three Musketeers 3 D Teaser Trailer.

A retelling of the classic sword buckling story with revamped Hollywood technology. Expect this to be an instant classic for all.

The Big Year

The Big Year - The Big Year Teaser Trailer.

Looking like a really funny comedy that centers around a rare bird hunting contest.

Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3 - Paranormal Activity 3 Teaser Trailer.

More Ghosts and Gauls and jumping out of your seats with another installment of "Paranormal Activity" and number 3 promises to be even scarier than the last two!.We cant wait pillows at the ready guy's.


Contagion - Contagion Teaser Trailer.

An action-thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak. Powerhouse cast expect great performances and a great Movie.

Dibbuk Box

Dibbuk Box - Dibbuk Box Teaser Trailer.

Based on L.A. Times writer Leslie Gornstein's article "Jinx in a Box" this true life horror movie about an antique wooden box purchased on eBay which reportedly had been brought to America by a Holocaust survivor after World War II.The box brought devastating effects to a series of buyers,here one family tell their story about the box containing an evil spirit and the devastation it brought to their life's.We do love a good horror story especially when it's true!

Im Mortal

Im Mortal - Im Mortal Teaser Trailer.

Justin Timberlake stars in this movie about a society where no one ages beyond 25, but for those who are rich who can afford to buy time. Timberlake is from the ghetto and is set up for a murder he didn't commit so has to go on the run, taking a hostage(Amanda Seyfried) with him.

Leo Tolstoy Genius Alive

Leo Tolstoy Genius Alive - Leo Tolstoy Genius Alive Teaser Trailer.

A fascinating documentary about the restored footage of Leo Tolstoy, from over 100 years ago and how now with todays technology, experts have managed to discern the speech from silent film.

Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots - Puss In Boots Teaser Trailer.

A story about the events leading up to the sword fighting cat's meeting with Shrek and his friends. A prequel to Shrek this movie will center on Puss one of our favourite Shrek characters.

Tower Heist

Tower Heist - Tower Heist Teaser Trailer.

This Comedy Heist is about a group of blue collar guys on a mercy mission, when they learn that the main tenant of this Trump Tower-like building has bilked the employees’ pension fund in a huge Ponzi scheme.This movie was all Eddie Murphy's idea so it should be fun guy's.

11 11 11

11 11 11 - 11 11 11 Teaser Trailer.

At 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th day of the 11th month, a being from Heaven will come through the 11th gate to walk on earth for 49 minutes.

War Of The Gods

War Of The Gods - War Of The Gods Teaser Trailer.

Greek warrior Theseus battles against imprisoned titans. This movie is also know as Immortals

Jack And Jill

Jack And Jill - Jack And Jill Teaser Trailer.

This romantic comedy movie is about Jack, a family man who as trouble with his twin sister, Jill, when she visits for Thanksgiving and won't leave. Adam Sandler plays both characters. Katie Holmes is to play Sandler's wife and the delectable Al Pacino is set to play himself.Great cast bring it on!

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn - Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer.

Will Bella marry Edward? Will she join the Immortals? Questions questions well find out in this instalment we think that she should go with Jake.

Happy Feet 2

Happy Feet 2 - Happy Feet 2 Teaser Trailer.

Great another Happy Feet movie the last one was great we presume that the next one will be about Mubles and his adventures again cool animation flick for all! ;p

Rise Of The Apes

Rise of the Apes - Rise Of The Apes Teaser Trailer.

This movie looks very interesting its a prequel to Planet of the Apes and how modern day experiments on apes gave them intelligence an Ape war starts can we survive the Ape the strongest animal on the planet they can tare us apart.

Project X

Project X - Project X Teaser Trailer.

A naughty teen party with hilarious gaffs expect some nudity and drunkenness in this. How hot is Miles Teller!! ;P

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas - Arthur Christmas Teaser Trailer.

How does Sanat deliver all his presents in one night??? Well with the help of Arthur of course! :P

Farragut North

Farragut North - Farragut North Teaser Trailer.

This movie is about a young communications director who works for a fast-rising presidential candidate. During the course of the campaign, the naive idealistic young man falls prey to the backstabbing and other dirty trickery of seasoned rival politicos, but will he be able to do the right thing and speak out?

New Years Eve

New Years Eve - New Years Eve Teaser Trailer.

The lives of several couples and singles in New York intertwine over the course of New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve Movie is reportedly a Valentine's Day Sequel.

The Invention Of Hugo Cabret

The Invention Of Hugo Cabret - The Invention Of Hugo Cabret Teaser Trailer.

Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and a robot.

Mission Impossible 4

Mission Impossible 4 - Mission Impossible 4 Teaser Trailer.

The plot for Mission Impossible 4 is being kept under wraps but don't fear we will keep you updated as soon as we find out it will be on here. :P

Alvin And The Chipmunks 3

Alvin And The Chipmunks 3 - Alvin And The Chipmunks 3 Teaser Trailer.

The film follows the exploits of an over-sized great dane and his family as they all are forced to deal with their move from heartland Kansas to sunny So Cal.Who’S It For? This is one for the kids. Sure, they may not even know who

Sherlock Holmes 2

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Sherlock Holmes 2 Teaser Trailer.

Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson join forces to outwit and bring down their fiercest adversary, Professor Moriarty.

Harold And Kumar 3

A Very Harold and Kumar 3 Christmas - Harold And Kumar 3 Teaser Trailer.

Some funny shenanigans in this Christmas themed movie from the Harold and Kumar franchise we love these movies just sit back relax and don't take them too serious wow what a laugh.


Tintin - Tintin Teaser Trailer.

Tintin and his friends discover directions to a sunken ship commanded by Capt. Haddock's ancestor and go off on a treasure hunt.

We Bought A Zoo

We Bought A Zoo - We Bought A Zoo Teaser Trailer.

Heart warming drama about a Family that buy a Zoo in the English countryside and also have to care for their sick wife/mother who has brain cancer as well as capturing the escaping lion, tigers and cheeky monkeys.

War Horse

War Horse - War Horse Teaser Trailer.

Wartime story about a boy and his horse and how a special bond is formed and paths keep crossing during the war.

Well, that's all i wanna share in this post.
See you in my next post!!

xoxo, Jenn

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