Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's weekend :)

Hello bloggers! :)
How are you? :)
After freakin' tired having those routine activitites, finally it's WEEKEND!!
Hoorayy :))
Them now I'm sitting right infront of my pc, typing this post :)
Hm,, nothing special at school for this few days :) but will post some photos later :)
Cause all the photos were still inside jojo's phone , LOL , so how can i upload them??
Well, chinese new year is nearer , so how's your preparation to celebrate it guys? :)
Lots of thing to buy for cny :)
HAHA, but it won't matter me much, just take it easy, is it? :)
GEEZ, feel kinda I'm speechless, don't know what to type anymore :)
Hm,,perhaps I'll just publish it as simple as this :)
So see you on my next post!

xoxo, Jenn :)

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