Monday, January 10, 2011

Story of mine, LOL :D ♥

Hello readers! :)
Long time no see! :p
hmph, perhaps i didn't posting my blogs for a week, haha.
cause i was busy of school work :p LOL
Today is 10th January'11 and today is MON(ster)DAY :O
Then now I'm sitting right in front of my pc, typing this post :D
Em, perhaps i wanna talk about yesterday's activity.

Yesterday i went to sun plaza and got into gramedia bookstore & bought 5 books ;;)
HAHA, well, i really admit that i'm a book-worm B) B) B) LOL
Hm, i bought 3 novels and two language books :)

Well, i really loved last night :D haha.
Then now i wanna talk about anit's gift for me & jojo. she has just came home from hongkong and she bought us a mickeymouse pen from hongkong disneyland. well, it's pretty cute ♥ :)

Today we had some photoshoots with anit's panda hat , haha :D
I'll upload some photos,perhaps :)
Let's see :DThat's all i wanna share today :D
hope you all love it :)
Well, see you on my next post yeahh guys! ;)

xoxo, Jenn

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