Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Collection :)

Long time no see ;p LOL
Today is Sunday 16 January'11, it's refreshing day actually, haha.
Actually, i had plan lots of things to do this morning,
but all of it postponed just now :((
Hate it , hiks :'(
But well, now my mood has got better a little bit & now I'm sitting infront of my lovely pc typing this post while listening to high school musical's songs , tell the truth their songs are damn great!
Really love their songs a lot!
But nowdays i also love glee songs! This is also musical mo
vie :D , but this movie continue every episode & every season :)
Great movie !!

I don't have any idea why i can love musical movies a lot, HAHA, maybe because of their soundtrack are really awesome & easy listening, haha :DD
I'm HSM & GLEE 's lover
is it too over? haha, i guess nope, cause it's worth :D

Hmm, now I'm going to talk about my collection since i was in p
rimary school until now & I've got 6 different collection :D HAHA.
Let's check it out guys ;)
First collection is : STICKERS

Gee, since i wass in primary school that time, stickers were really popular to collect. Well, lots of girls including me loved to collect stickers, even I've got 6 sticker album! Muahahaaa ;DD
My mom also loved to help me to collect every kinds of sticker's icon for example, disney icons like princess , winnie the pooh, mickey & minnie mouse, hello kitty, snoopy, barbie, monokoroboo, cupids, tinkerbell, hearts, even cute shape like circle shape or rectangle shape :DD
Believe or not, until now, I've never used those stickers! HAHA :p
And I keep it until now :)) Well, that time i admit that I'm stickers lover , hahaa

Second collection is : COMIC BOOKS

HAHA, second is comic books!! kyaa,, my mother also comic books lover yeahh, and my mom had gave me all her comic books when she was still in highschool :)
All of it were great! I really love comic books when i was still primary until juniorhighschool :)
hehe, I'm really a comic worm that time ;;) LOL
The comic author that i admire the most is
MIZUTO AQUA ! Really great in making comic books and touching the readers feeling, haha. I even cried when i read those Mizuto Aqua' s comic books :")
All of them were just AWESOMEEE !!

Then i also love Yagami Chitose 's comic books! All of them also great yeahh ;;)
BOTH of this author 's comic books are RECOMENDED to read guysss! \=D/
Then i also bought lots of NAKAYOSHI comic books that time, i bought from number 33 until 73 :D haha. But now I've stop to collect Nakayoshi cause I have no interested with those anymore, LOL :p
hehe. I also had shinchan comic books and donald ducks (nostalgia) comic books :DD

Third collection is : RINGS

Well, when i was in primary school , i really loved to wear rings.
Cute shape ring or even cute icon rings ;;)
But when I'm in junior high school, i didn't interested anymore.
I don't have idea why. lol.
And now when I'm in senior high school, I'm addicted again, LOL.
I bought three cute rings from my junior shop (:
hehe, I bought two roses rings & one owl ring :DD
Cute ringss yeahh ;;) HEHE

Fourth collection is : WATERPROOF LOMO CAMERA

Heyhoo! I really love photoshooting and photography things.
And i HEART CAMERAS damn much!!!

Last time, I search for some lomo cameras list on google and i found waterproof lomo camera on online shop. Then finally I decided to buy it from that online shop, almost a week my waterproof lomo camera arrived :DD well, I'm quite happy although it was just WATERPROOF LOMO CAMERA, not POLAROID or even the exclusive DSLR. But I'm quite satisfied because I bought with my money :)) not mom or dad's money :)) Well, actually i really want another lomo camera like HOLGA or POLAROID :p haha, but i must keep lots of money to but it :| hmph, i guess i won't buy it now. haha. But one day, I hope I'll have it :)

Fifth collection are : SUNGLASSES & SYAL

ALOHAA!! Now my fifth collection are sunglasses & syal.
Actually, I've collected syal first than sunglasses , LOL.
I remembered I bought my syal when I went out with my besties & I bought it on Stroberi girl shop on Sun plaza. LOL XD haha.
Then now I'm addicted to sunglasses, wew, I've got 3 sunglasses and 2 cute spectacles :DD
Both of my sunglasses are LOVE shape :DD

Last collection is :

Muahahaaa, now we are in my last collection , novelsssss ;;)
I'm book worm especially novels worm B) B) B) B) B) Lol.
Well, I've just got few novels only, haha, not yet a lot. :)
I'm admiring Johanna Lindsey's novels, Ilana Tan's novels and even Agnes Jessica's novels (*although I've just bought one of hers,lol) :p
Most of all I bought love stories novel.
Last time, I've just bought chicken soup novels and 2 others novels. :))
I even haven't read them, too busy for school works and tuition :(( hiks.
Ja, I'll always try to search more & more great novels to read when i go to bookstore with mom :) hhe, I LOVE BOOKS !

HAHA, that's all my pieces of stories about my collection :DD
Hope you all readers love it as well.
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xoxo, Jenn

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