Friday, January 21, 2011

School story ;;)

HELLO readers!
How are you todayy?? ;;)
haha, seems fine right? :)
Well, I'm fine too.
I didn't blogging for two days :3 too busy,well.
Today is Friday, 21 January 2011.
Thanks God it's fridayyy ! \=D/
Hm, gotta talk about school story :DD haha.
Two day ago, I had photoshoots with my besties, but my personal photo had lost from my phone (*contaminated) !! :((
Then yesterday we had another photoshoots at class, haha.
Yesterday was creepy Thursday yeah :|
Wew, later I''ll post some photos !
Than about today,, it seems superb nice today, we've lost of fun.
Anita had drew for me my cute ava :DD

HAHA, just now when we already had our lunch at school, we accompanied jojo to her old school (m2). She had met her bestfriend :)) then they had chit-chat well :DD
Hm,, after that, we back to school cause it's still school time, but do you know why we could go to m2?
It's because our school had extra lunch time especially only for FRIDAY :DD
We also had bought cotton candyyy ! Long time didn't eat that :))
And we also had shoots with that cotton candy :)
I love cotton candy a lot
Perhaps that's all i wanna share on this post, I'll upload some of our photos :))
Let's take a look yeah guys :)

Jojo, Me, Doreen & Anita with our cotton candies :))

Me & Jojo ( *the one who hugs me from back) :D

Jojo & Me :*

Jojo, Me & Anita :))

Me, Anita & Sally :))

See you on my next post! ;)

xoxo, Jenn

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