Monday, January 24, 2011

Heyy :)

Hello readers! ;;)
How are you?
Hm, tonight I'm sitting righ infront my pc typing this blog :)
Well, today is such a MON(STER)DAY, really :|
Hmm,, chemistry test was not so success as i thought :(
The question were too difficult :3
I was really confused this morning :|
But okay it has passed so don't talk about that sucks chem anymore.
Let's talk about others :)
Hm,,actually i really plan to have fun with jojo & sally on this coming Saturday , but I haven't get permission from daddy :3
HAHA, perhaps I'll ask daddy on this coming Thursday or Friday :)
Hope daddy will allow me to have fun at jojo's home :))
Cool yeah ;)
Em, it seems nothing to talk about, cause I don't have any topic tonight xD
So, i guess I'll just end this post now :)
See you on my next posting yeah!

xoxo, Jenn :)

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