Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011♥, i got new phone :*

Hello readers !! :D
Good afternoon :))
Today is lucky day 01 January 2011 (01-01-11) :D
Now I'm sitting right here typing this post :)
I wanna say.
Thankyou for all my families & friends , each of you have draw a part of my life masterpiece :)
Wish we'll be better in this 2011 year :D

Then yesterday was really damn great day for me ! :DDD
Do you know why?
YEAHHH, my dad & mom bought me 'onyx two' cellphones :DD
Haha, from bold 9000 evolved to onyx2 (bold 9780) :*
Thankyouuu mom & dad, love youuu :***
Well, really memorable gift from mom and dad :* ({})
Em, perhaps that's all i wanna share, cause i've no idea on what to post here, LOL xD
So, see you all on my next post!
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byeee :*