Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Awesome yet Ridiculous for Gulliver's Travel movie :D

Hello readers!
Goodmorning anyway :)
Today is Wednesday :)
Em, anyway, yesterday I've watched Guliver's Travel movie!
WOW! It was really awesom yet ridiculous and funny ! LOL :DD
I bet everyone who watched this movie will laugh,laugh & laugh :D haha xD~
Truth is every parts of the movie was really funny and all people on the cinema laughed out loud , including me & my friends :D hahaa.Here is a little synopsis :)

"20th Century Fox has released the first official poster for their modern take on Gulliver’s Travels. The film is directed by Monsters vs Aliens director Rob Letterman and stars Jack Black as Lemuel Gulliver, a free-spirited travel writer who, on an assignment to the Bermuda Triangle, suddenly finds himself a giant among men when he washes ashore on the hidden island of Liliput, home to a population of tiny people."

Then after watching the movie, we had our monas ice cream on A&W :D
hha. Hm,, anyway, we also had some crazy shoots there ;;)
But all the photos are still on my besties phone :) haha, perhaps when i get all the photos, I'll upload some , maybe :p
Yeah, that's all i wanna share to you all, this is RECOMENDED movie! :D
This December, I've watched Narnia Dawn Treader, Tron Legacy & Gulliver's Travel :D GREAT!
So see you all on my other post! :)


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