Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Summer Desire, Barbie Hsu & Peter Ho had their 'play' wedding photoshoot

Long time no see yeahh ;;)
Yeah, cause i'm having my semester exams, hm.
That's why i'm absent on updating my blog for this weeks :)
But today i have time , haha cuae tomorrow will be my last exam :DD
I'm really glad that after exam, me & my girls will go to watch Tron Legacy movie. :)
Now I'm going to talk about Barbie Hsu & Peter Ho.
I've finished watching 'Summer desire' movie and this movie was really AWESOME, TOUCHING , and FABULOUS :D
Tell you all the truth, nowdays I really admire Peter Ho and Barbie Hsu.
Their acting was really great and professional actor & actress yeah.
Erm, after that movie, they've got lots of photoshoot such as wedding photoshoot but it was just for promotion perhaps, not the real wedding, LOL :)
And here it is, lots of their photoshoot that I've uploaded to my post.
Let's take a look yeahh guys ! You might feel amaze after seeing this photos ! ;;)










Yeah, actually they did the first photoshoot was this 9th themes :D with casual clothes that really described like a sweet couple who's falling in love. It was written by 88news :
In the beginning, they arrived in regular clothes, Da S and Peter held hands to take some sweet and romantic picture, Da S was wearing a yellow sweater very cute and sweet, like a 16 years old girl with her pink hat. Making people think unvoluntarly that Da S is still as young and sweet as San Cai was. And beside her was Peter Ho who was wearing a purple sweater, and with his bright big man smile, there was something more : some elegant gentleman feel.

Both of them are really awesome ! After that, they had their wedding photoshoot like the info from 88news :
Afterwards, Peter came back wearing a white suit, making the crew gasp, and clap, DaS was with a white lace wedding dress, and looking like the apparition of a fairy, “the cosmetic queen” was extremely imposing, her beauty stunnig everyone.This time, they came together to take wedding pictures, DaS frankly states that she found the feeling of getting married ; the pictures will get released around Valentines Day, it is forseen that they will be very much looked after. They were acting very intimate, making the onlookers quite moved.

One thing that really makes me smile & feel amaze is their chemistry each other, aw aw aw
so sweet , feels like I'm inside that photoshoot with them :)

Peter and DaS held hands tighly, their eyes were full of love, and they showed extraordinary chemistry, their sweetness and happiness was undeniable. It is reported that on the set, Peter kept on taking care of DaS, he wasvery diligent and they had great chemistry. Many times, scenes of him joking with her, making her laugh between the shots got recorded. Their happiness and sweet displayal made people that were looking greatly envious.

On the set, Peter and DaS had great and intimate chemistry, DaS was always wearing a sweet and happy smile, and continuously bring laughter to the crew and make the atmostphere more lively. When the 2 arrived together in front of the camera, their happiness moved everyone. They were happy and fully content to see this couple “happy ending”.
credit : 88news

Yeah, pretty perfect story for both of them yeahh,, I feel envyyy :(
But still two thumbs up for them, love them so muchhhhhh

Hm, that's all about this post.
Maybe I'll talk about them again in other post :)
See yaa guys :)

xoxo, Jennifer

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