Saturday, December 25, 2010


Good morning readers! ;)
Today is 25th December 2010!
Do you know what it means? it means...

Yeah, today is Christmas day, and lots of people in this universe celebrate it as well :)
Now I'm sitting in fron of my pc blogging,fb-ing,tumblring & twittering, while listening to some songs , LOL :)
Then today both of my twin friends are having their cakeday :D
happy b'day jaq & cath naomi's , big blast both of you twins, love yaa :*
Um, today i'll have my haircut perhaps, my hair is too long , need some treatments yeah ;;)
So today gotta spend my day with my mommy :D
Sounds great yeah, i hope so ;;)
When i woke up just now, i reached my bb & my bb showed up...guess what??
Well, 25 of bbm & 27 of twitter mention, wow, and all of the messages is about this Christmas day :D
Love you all my family & friends,
once more, gotta greet to all of you Merry Christmas 2010!
Gob bless you all :D

✗o✗o, Jennifer

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