Friday, July 22, 2011

"Baby Face Beauty" Korean Drama

Good afternoon readers! ;)
How are you all?
Thanks God it's friday! \m/
Anyway, few days ago I had finished watching BABY FACE BEAUTY (동안미녀) korean drama.

Pretty Young Woman / Baby faced Beauty

It was SUPERB!! ;D
Gotta share the synopsis : 

"Baby-faced Beauty" is a romantic-comedy centered around a 34-year-old woman with a babyface as she works to become a fashion designer and overcomes obstacles like having only having a high school diploma and a bad credit history.
Jang Na Ra plays a 34 year old woman but looks like a woman who’s still in her 20s. She gets fired from her job and has to lie about her age in order to get hired for another job.
Choi Jin-Wook ( Daniel Choi ) is the heir of the famous Jokbal restaurant with millions of dollars in annual revenue. But, Choi Jin-Wook goes against his father and leaves his parents' house. Choi Jin-Wook starts to work at another company to accomplish his dream. Against his will, Choi Jin-Wook starts work in the fashion department. With his sweet character he survives there and meets Lee So-Young  ( Jang Na-Ra )"

You can download the soundtracks here :

The Teaser :

동안미녀' Conference - 장나라 (Jang Na-Ra) , 최다니엘 (Choi Daniel

Photo gallery :

That's all I wanna share now.
It's a RECOMENDED movie! Trust me ;D lol
See you guys! ;)

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