Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hello readers! ;)
How are you all? ;;)
Anyway, today is Saturday weekend.
Then just now I checked my class at sutomo website, guess what?
I'll get into XI-IS-02 :) 
Hm, nothing to share today. 
I'm totally speechles & feeling sleepy right now --"
Guess I'll just watch tv ;)
Anyway, tomorrow gotta have fun with my besties ;;)
Hope it'll be a great day.
See you guys! ;)
Have a great weekend! :D

"Hope is a waking dream."
--- Aristotle
xoxo, Jennifer


  1. It makes no difference whether it's Saturday or Sunday when we're still on a holiday, lol.

    The website has been down for several hours now.
    I've been trying to check for like thirty times and it kept failing o.O

    Hey, anyway, congrats for making Social-2, hahaha

  2. haha, yeah, you're right, we are still in our holiday. LOL.
    Anyway, thankyou ;)
    So what class you get into? :)

  3. Mhmm, but it's going to end in less than one week time, hahaha

    Well I got into 2 Science 4. Any of your friends going there as well?

  4. hm, well i knew that Danny (*your class friend) got into science 4 too. others I don't know anymore. haha, my other friends got science 1, 2, science 5, science 9, 10 , 11.

  5. oh anyway, congrats you got into that science 4 class *applause*

  6. Haha, thanks.
    Well... Good luck then!