Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New term

Hello readers! ;)
I've been absent for few days,haha.
So how are you all? :)
Well, started new term since last Friday , hmph.
Got lots of homework. 
Anyway, you know what?
Just know the cashier place was really crowded, students queued for paying school-fee.
Including me & my friends, also did it. --" but unfortunately we came late & lots of people were standing there like a long long train, wew.
Then finally when the time to go home, I tried to queue & you know what? 
Luckily I saw Ryan & I quickly called him & asked him to help me togive my money to the cashier, cause he was standing in row 4 , maybe(?) in front row foshooo, lolol.
Yeah, finally I've completed to pay my July school-fee ;) thanks for your help, Ryan! ;)
Visit his blog too yeah http://ryocto.blogspot.com
Got maths homeworks to do, bye all! :*
See you :D

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! "
--- Audrey Hepburn
xoxo, Jennifer 

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