Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cloud burst

Hello readers!
Seems that today is quite rainyyy day -____- *sigh*
Raining cats & dogs just now before school over, it rained suddenly, grrrr.
All students tried to get their way out & jostled with others *sigh*
Really bad Saturday according to me .__. hahhaaa.
And not only that, I was totally wet just now! *grumble*
It's flooding everywhere until the water reached as high as car tires or upon our knees.
Felt really cold & little bit shivered cause the water got into my shoes & made my socks wet :|
Well, they said that teacher's day at our school this year was the awesome one!
Because of Boys Generation! lols. Their names really booming at twitter & bbm , ahaha.
Well done you guys! good work :D "Boys generation make you feel the heat~~"
Hm, plan to hangout with Feje & Vivi tomorrow, hope it'll be fun, lol.
So now, I gotta recomend you this song :)
It's Lady gaga song titled 'Marry The Night'

That's all for today.
See you!
Have a great Saturday weekend! ;D

"Life is an incurable Disease."
--- Abraham Cowley
xoxo, Jennifer 

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