Monday, December 26, 2011

Blessed Christmas

Hello readers! Merry Christmas!! *belated for me to say* lol.
So how's life nowadays? I've been absent for many days *busy*
Went to uncle's home, gathered with families, watched Mission Imposibble and yesterday there's a real Santa for me on Christmas Day, it's my dad :D he bought me new gadget, lol. love you dad :* so for me, it's the best Christmas ever! \m/
Anyway there are some photos that me & my reunion Rainbow friends captured when we're hanging out at Sun on last 23rd of December'11.
Lots of joy & fun! We went to Cafe de Sunshine & Sushi Tei to have snacks while chit-chated lots of things with my girls. Really miss those moments, haha.
Then we had an exchange Christmas gift game.
We must find things within red or even green color, *cause Xmas atmosphere* lol. Our budget is lower than 20.000 IDR.
I myself bought a strawberry+leaves shower cap :p lol , Vera got my gift, hahaa.
Then I got red cute table-clock from Catherine *first childhood friend at rainbow school* :D
Oh anyway today is Ivanny Jonathan 's birthday :)
Wish her all the best & great year ahead ;)
Gotta post about Mission Imposibble movie article & photos about me & friends.

 Synopsis :
"On assignment in Budapest to intercept a courier working for a person of interest code-named "Cobalt", IMF agent Trevor Hanaway is killed by an assassin named Sabine Moreau. Hanaway's team leader, Jane Carter, and newly promoted field agent Benji Dunn extract Ethan Hunt and Hunt's source Bogdan from a Moscow prison. Hunt is recruited to lead Carter and Dunn to infiltrate the secret Moscow Kremlin archives and locate files identifying Cobalt. Partway through the mission, someone broadcasts across the IMF frequency, alerting the Russians to Hunt's team. Although Hunt, Dunn, and Carter escape; a bomb destroys the Kremlin, and Russian agent Sidirov accuses Hunt of masterminding the attack.
The IMF extracts Hunt from Moscow. The Russians have called the attack an undeclared act of war, and the US president activates "Ghost Protocol", a black operation contingency that disavows the entire IMF. Hunt and his team are to take the blame for the attack, but they will be allowed to escape from government custody so that they may track down Cobalt. Before Hunt can escape, the IMF's secretary is killed by Russian security forces led by Sidirov, leaving Hunt and intelligence analyst William Brandt to find their own way out. The team identifies Cobalt as Kurt Hendricks, a Swedish-born Russian nuclear strategist who believes the weak must die for the strong to survive, so he plans to start a nuclear war to initiate the next stage of human evolution. Hendricks bombed the Kremlin in order to retrieve a Russian nuclear launch-control device, however he now needs the activation codes from the Budapest courier in order to launch a nuclear missile at America.
The exchange between Moreau and Hendricks's right-hand man, Wistrom, is due to take place at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. There, Hunt's team-members separately convince Moreau and Wistrom that they have made the exchange with one another. However, Moreau identifies Brandt as an agent. While Hunt chases Wistrom—only to realize that Wistrom is actually Hendricks in disguise, escaping with the codes—Carter detains Moreau. Moreau attempts to kill the inexperienced Dunn, and Carter throws her out a window to her death. Brandt accuses Carter of compromising the mission for revenge against Moreau, but Hunt accuses Brandt of keeping secrets from them, as he has displayed fighting skills atypical of an analyst. While Hunt seeks more information from Bogdan, Brandt admits he was assigned as security detail to Hunt and his wife Julia. While Brandt was on patrol, Julia was killed by a Serbian hit squad, prompting Ethan to pursue and kill them before he was caught by the Russians and sent to prison.
Bogdan and his arms-dealer cousin inform Hunt that Hendricks will be in Mumbai. Hendricks facilitated the sale of a defunct Soviet military satellite to Indian telecommunications entrepreneur Brij Nath, which could be used to transmit the order to fire a missile. While Brandt and Dunn infiltrate the server room to deactivate the satellite, Carter gets Nath to reveal the satellite override code. But Hendricks has anticipated Hunt's plan and turns off Nath's servers before sending a signal from a television broadcasting tower to a Russian nuclear submarine in the Pacific to fire at San Francisco. Hunt pursues Hendricks and the launch device while the other team-members attempt to bring the broadcast station back online. Hunt and Hendricks fight over the launch-control device before Hendricks jumps to his death with it to ensure the launch. Dunn kills Wistrom, allowing Brandt to restore power to the station and enabling Hunt to deactivate the missile. Hunt is then confronted by Sidorov, who sees Hunt has stopped the missile, proving the IMF is innocent in the Kremlin bombing.
The team reconvenes weeks later in Seattle. Hunt introduces the team to longtime colleague Luther Stickell, and then issues them new assignments. Dunn and Carter accept, but Brandt refuses to accept the mission. Hunt reveals that Julia's death was staged, as he knew he could not protect her and used her death as a pretext to infiltrate a Russian prison and get close to Bogdan, an IMF source on Hendricks. Relieved of his guilt, Brandt accepts his mission while Hunt watches Julia from afar. They share a smile before he goes off on his next mission."

Movie Trailer :   

Mission Imposibble 4 is an AWESOME yet pumping adrenaline movie!!
Tom Cruise is a great actor! LOL all thumbs up!!

Anyway, these are our photos on 23rd December'11 :

So that's all for today.
Once more, MERRY *belated CHRISTMAS :D falalala~~
Mission Imposibble is a recomended movie! :)
Wish to watch Sherlock Holmes 2 too as soon as possible, LOL.
Catch you on your flip side, guys! ;)

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."

--- Norman Vincent Peale
xoxo, Jennifer 

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