Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little sunshine

Good morning readers! :)
How are you all?
Today is Saturday weekend.
Nothing much to share, gotta share IU songs.
You can download them here :

Then this is GLEE sneak peek for 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'
Watch it!

Anyway, there's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Dance Contest.
Here is their promo video, there's Jo Kwon, Wooyoung, Chansung inside this video & dance 'Be My Baby' style. It's funny! lol.
 Well, that's all for today.
Will have our interview with westerners tomorrow.
Wish us luck yeah, hope everything will be okay & runs smoothly.
Have a great weekend anyway!
Catch you on your flip side guys! ;)

"Life is like the dice that, falling, still show a different face. So life, though it remains the same, is always presenting different aspects."
--- Alexis
xoxo, Jennifer

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