Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shimmering stars.

Hello readers!
Back again with me tonight on my blog, lol.
Once again, happy sweet 17th birthday to my best Ellista Theodore (Uncle PETE). 
Wishing you all the best, stay funky, always be our uncle pete, keep up the good work & have another great years ahead!! \m/ \m/ 
We made surprises for Ellista at Matador Country then splash her till totally mess with flour & water. hahaha, such a great great day!! 
Of course lots of photos were taken again & credits go to Ang's dslr & my ipad's camera ;)

worst rainbow cake ever , LOL

ELLISTA the birthday girl!! aka UNCLE PETE :* :*


madness, lol

That's what friends are; like stars that you can't see but always inside our deepest heart.
 Well, that's all for today.
Catch you guys on flip side!

xoxo, Jennifer

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