Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Midsummer Station

Hello readers & my d.e.a.d blog :| 
Feel like my blog is kinda dead for almost two weeks, lol.
Actually I wanna open my blog after coming back from tuitions, but I procrastinate it over and over again wahahaha, lil bit lazy & the truth tons of homeworks & daily exams.
*big sigh* one more week to 2nd monthly exams' week & I'm definitely NOT ready for it.
Wonder why there's no time machine within this century :( :( if there's one here, I'll flashforward to the times that I love the most #sorry-for-this-silly-nonsense-imagination
Well, gotta recommend you a new & fresh album from Owl City titled "THE MIDSUMMER STATION" , great & easy listening as usual! Must download the whole album! hehe

 I myself always love the cover from Owl City's album cause seems all their covers create calm feeling for the listener & buyers, lol.

"Adam Young's sugary emo electronica pop as Owl City has been a highly polarizing entity since he broke through in a huge way with runaway single "Fireflies" in 2009. Critics and naysayers dismissed the project as a watered-down Postal Service ripoff way too late in the game, but millions and millions of fans dismissed the critics and made the song an international chart-topper. While "Fireflies" was a really rare accidental Top 40 hit recorded by Young in his basement, The Midsummer Station is the most transparent bid for mainstream airplay imaginable, with each of its 11 tracks so tailored for pop radio, teen movie soundtracks, and soft drink commercials it's laughable. That's no dig on the quality of the album, just a statement of fact. Owl City has never shied away from big-sounding pop with emo underpinnings, and The Midsummer Station goes as big as possible. Young brings in production assistance from hitmakers Stargate for the Euro-house rave touches of "Shooting Star" and co-writes several songs with Katy Perry writer/engineer Emily Wright. Electronic four-on-the-floor beats are huge, production is loud and garish, and the hooks announce themselves with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. It's by-the-numbers big-budget pop, but the problem is how recycled the majority of The Midsummer Station feels and how poor of a fit the whole thing is on Young. "I'm Coming After You" is built on a riff/beat combination that sounds strikingly similar to nightlife anthem "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull (another of Emily Wright's clients) and "Gold" just sounds like any given big-beat song on commercial radio circa 2011. Much of the album falls into this anonymous territory, mostly to its detriment but with a few exceptions. Obvious single "Good Time" finds Young duetting with Justin Bieber-approved tween pop star Carly Rae Jepsen on a huge summery production about hanging out, partying, and nothing in particular. It's a great example of a dumb, fun pop song done right, and along with the slightly more sophisticated "Metropolis" and the rocked-out moments of "Dementia" (the latter aided by blink-182's Mark Hoppus), it's one of the album's few redeeming tracks. There are still glimmers of the sonic personality that drew so many to Owl City in the first place, as on the tenderly heartbroken piano ballad "Silhouette," but much of the album is absent any personality at all, sounding like Young singing karaoke of vaguely familiar Top 40-styled tunes in his precious doe-eyed quaver. Even absent is the guilty satisfaction that so often comes with this kind of calculated heavily processed radio fare. With just a few exceptions, The Midsummer Station's would-be mainstream anthems of youth, love, and longing come off generic, hollow, and barely enjoyable" 

Here's the song list : 
 01 – Dreams And Disasters
02 – Shooting Star
03 – Gold
04 – Dementia
05 – I’m Coming After You
06 – Speed Of Love
07 – Good Time
08 – Embers
09 – Silhouette
10 – Metropolis
11 – Take It All Away

That's all for today, guys!
oh anyway, lots of my friends celebrating their sweet17th birthday this months lol
Wishing them a great birthday ever & be bless!
Well, catch you on your flip side guys!

"When the sun goes down, and the lights burn out,
Then it's time for you to shine.
Brighter than the shooting star, so shine no matter where you are." 
--- Owl City
xoxo, Jennifer 

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