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Rooftop Prince (옥탑방 왕세자)

Annyeong readers!
How are you nowadays? fine huh?
It's HOLIDAYS now, well where will you go during this holidays?
Well, I myself not going abroad/travels , just stay at home *sigh* *couch potato* lolol
Currently I've been watching some new korean drama such as ROOFTOP PRINCE ( 옥탑방 왕세자 ) & also Fashion King ( 패션왕 ), but today I'll just review about Rooftop Prince.
Recommended movie for you guys! Must watch it ;)
Micky YooChun is really handsome there *ohmy, he really melts girls' hearts* *drool*

So here's the synopsis :
‘Rooftop Prince’ has themes of time-travel.
Joseon era (300 years ago)
"Lee Gak (Micky Yoochun) is the Crown Prince. When he is ready to marry, Lee Gak wants to marry a beautiful woman. Bu Yong (Han Ji Min) and Hwa Yong (Jung Yoo Mi) are sisters. Hwa Yong, the older sister wants to marry Crown Prince Lee Gak, but her father makes it clear that younger sister Bu Yong will marry the Crown Prince. Hwa Yong is so upset, she uses an an iron to burn Bu Yong’s face, pretending it was an accident. Now, Bu Yong carries a big scar on her face. Eventually, older sister Hwa Yong marries Crown Prince Lee Gak. Time passes and are now adults. Younger sister Bu Yong is now a smart woman, good with needlework. Older sister Hwa Yong is uneasy that her husband, Crown Prince Lee Gak, and Bu Young get along well. One day, Crown Prince Lee Gak wakes up in the early morning. He finds that Hwa Yong is not next to him. He feels something strange about the situation and calls for an eunuch. At this time, an eunuch comes running to the Crown Prince and informs him that Hwa Yong is found dead in a pond. Lee Gak suspects that his wife’s death is not by accident. He puts together a team to investigate his wife’s death. When the team awaits to interview a witness, a group of assassins appears and chases them. Crown Prince Lee Gak and his men are chased to the edge of a cliff. The group jumps off the cliff. The Prince from the Joseon era travels to the future with his entourage Song Man Bo (Lee Min Ho), Woo Yong Sul (Jung Suk Won) and Do Chi San (Choi Woo Shik)"

Seoul 2012
"When Park Ha (Han Ji Min) was young, her father remarried and Park Ha gained older step-sister Se Na (Jung Yoo Mi). When their parents left for work, older step-sister Se Na despised having to take care of her younger sister. One day, while younger sister Park Ha sleeps inside a truck, the truck suddenly departs. Even though Se Na sees the truck leaving, she turns around and pretends that it isn’t happening. Time passes, younger sister Park Ha is now living in America. While, Park Ha sells fruits as a sidewalk vendor, Yong Tae Yong (Micky Yoochun) sees her and feels a connection with Park Ha. Yong Tae Moo (Lee Tae Sung) appears in front of Yong Tae Young. They are cousins. The following day, the two men boards a yacht. While the boat is sailing, they have a small fight and Yong Tae Yong falls into the water. His cousin doesn’t attempt to save Yong Tae Yong and actually attempts to hide evidence that he was there. He then jumps into the water and swims away. At this time, younger sister Park Ha receives a phone call that her family has been located in South Korea. Park Ha travels to South Korea and learns that her father has just passed away. At her father’s funeral, Park Ha meets her step-mother and older step-sister Se Na. Park Ha has no memory of how she was separated from her family. Park Ha settles down in Seoul. One night, when she comes back to her rooftop room, she discovers four men, in Korean traditional clothing, sitting in her room….
Tae-mu (Lee Tae-sung), after killing his lost cousin in the United States (US), returns to Korea, claiming that his cousin, Tae-yong (Micky Yoochun), could not be found in New York, US. Meanwhile, Tae-mu has been having a secret affair with Se-na (Jung Yoo-mi), who, in turn, runs into her long-lost stepsister Park-ha (Han Ji-min). Park-ha has been missing for a prolonged period of time and it is revealed that she was in the US after Se Na offered her for adoption.
Two years after Tae-yong's disappearance, four men dressed in Joseon era garments, fall onto Park-ha's rooftop house. Homeless and having nowhere to go, the four men decide to stick with Park-ha. Their leader claims that he is the Crown Prince of Joseon (Micky Yoochun), along with his entourage Song Man-bo (Lee Min-ho), Woo Yong-sool (Jung Suk-won), and Do Chi-san (Choi Woo-shik). One day, Crown Prince Lee Gak sees Se-na who is the spitting image of his beloved wife, who was found drowned in the 18th century. He is convinced the two are reincarnations of each other. Meanwhile, company president Yeo (Ban Hyo-jung) mistakes Lee Gak for her grandson, Yong Tae Yong, because of their exact same appearance, and believes that her long lost grandson had finally returned. Lee Gak realizes that he has time traveled 300 years to 2012, Seoul, to search for the truth behind the mysterious death of the late Crown Princess. In order to approach Se-na, who is also President Yeo's personal assistant, Lee Gak pretends that he is Tae-yong. Tae-mu, believes that he killed his cousin in New York, feels threatened when he hears the news that Tae-yong has returned and started working in the company.
On the other hand, Park-ha is shocked, and somewhat saddened by the news that her new friend who calls himself the Crown Prince is, in fact, the grandson of CEO. But before long, she realises that she loves Lee Gak, and feels sad as prince Lee Gak approaches Se Na in order to solve the mystery of princess' death."

Recommend you this three songs title from this movie, they are great songs!
  1. After a Long Time (한참지나서) – Baek Ji Young (백지영)
  2. Hurt (상처) – Ali (알리)
  3. Happy Ending (해피엔딩) – Jay Park (박재범)
Here's the trailer :

That's all for today :)
Gotta be much busy this week, almost graduate from my english tuition & need to do some farewell party/activity together with classmates & great teachers :D 
Then our Rainbow school is going to celebrate their grand opening school branch at Asia Mega Mas on this 1oth June, Sunday 2012 :)
If you've a leisure time , you are welcome there & enjoy our events :)
Catch you on your flip side guys!

"Even if 300 years pass, I'll remember you.."
--- Park-ha (Rooftop Prince's quote)
xoxo, Jennifer 

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