Friday, April 8, 2011

100 Facts About Me

100 Facts About Me
  1. Love DONGHO from U-KISS the most ♥ , he's handsome yet superb cute(♥˘ϖ˘♥)
  2. LOVE MOMMY & DADDY DAMN MUCHHHH!! Thanks for being my superb parents! :**
  3. Hate rains especially when I haven't arrive home or haven't arrive school.
  4. Flashing back of my childhood story will make me laugh truthfully.
  5. Give my pose if camera's on ! :p
  6. Love my hair, no matter if it's short or long
  7.  Get easily touched by sad movie ;)
  8. Sometimes I hold grudges
  9. Purple & green are my favorite colour 
  10. Hate someone who force me to do something
  11. Afraid of tickles
  12. Sometimes will be little bit shy when meeting new people.
  13. Sings quite well :p
  14. Luckily, have great memory in studying, in real life, my brain works good too ;)
  15. Envy people sometimes
  16. I'm a TEDDY BEAR LOVER , got 4 teddy bear
  18. Korean movie is my favorite one for sureeeeee!!
  19. I am a KISS-ME!! @DONGHO94 @Kevinwoo91 @u_kisseli @KiSSeop91 @alexander_0729 @90KKB @ukissSH @thsgoku & paran AJ :))
  20. Autism sticks me when novels on my hands, prefer silent place to read novels ;)
  21. Feel annoy if someone disturb me.]
  22. Share every single news with mommmy, she's my best mom yet bestfriend, loveyoumom:*
  23. Eat a lot ;p
  24. My bed time is 9pm or 10pm, cause I'm not a late sleeper :p
  25. I'm awkward sometimes :B
  26. My guilty pleasure are chocolate & novels
  27. Feel nauseating when sticky smells ruin the atmosphere
  28. Ever wrote diary but feel it was crap , so I tore it & threw it away
  29. Good money keeper :DD
  30. 0330 UKISS NEW-MINI-ALBUM song will be my favorite song ever & I listen to it everyday :DD
  31. Love the smell of my bolster, am I weird? :p 
  32. Always get type of phone I want, thanks dad :*
  34. Aww, love FLOWERY stuff damn much!
  35. Adore VINTAGES style ;)
  36. Had lots of friends :DD
  37. Sometimes feel speechless when typing blog
  38. Mommy & daddy said that I'm little bit stubborn when I was a little girl :p
  39. Seldom cry
  40. Actually, I miss you :*
  41. I can sew
  42. Sketching is my old hobby
  43. Wore spectacles since primary four
  44. Love to paint my nails with nude colour 
  45. Bags collector
  46. Impatient sometimes
  47. Wish I'm a KOREAN !
  48. Love travelling a lot
  49. Horror movie makes me chilling goosebumps
  50. Nopie said my korean name is 종니 (jong nii) :)
  51. Got lots of nicknames : 'JenJT' , 'Jen' , 'Jenni', 'Jenjen' or even 'JT' :DD kekeke~
  52. Hate nonsense talk
  53. Never stabs me at back, I'll screwed you back!
  54. Ego to control
  55. Absolutely hate smokers
  56. Wake up quite early in the morning ;)
  57. Love UDON & KIMCHI!!
  58. GoGirl magazine readers :D 
  59. Collected lots of cute journal book
  60. OVJ makes me laugh !
  61. Always holding my bags wherever I'm out :)
  62. Hate liar 
  63. Love my bangs :DD
  64. Snacks lover
  65. Books worm, could read more than 2 novels a day if I'm in my good mood
  66. Hate bad hair day, it really turn my day off
  67. Dislikes maths, physics, & chemistry, they're sucks lessons for me, so I'll say BIG NO for them!
  68. BLACKBERRY is my best partner
  69. Love jokes a lot :p
  70. Love my little brother although sometimes he can just be annoying
  72. Hate pimples, it ruins my face
  73. Dislike coffee, makes me insomnia
  74. Blackberry autism victims :p
  75. Aries is my sign
  76. I'm 16 this year & got great b'day surprise my my besties:**
  77. Less tweeting nowdays
  78. Easily feel bored
  79. I'm starstruck & insane current time :p
  80. Wish to have polaroid camera
  81. Easily memorize song's lyrics
  82. Speak korea & german language little bit
  83. Never kissed :)
  84. Love tea & blogs!
  85. Such a sushi lover , nyahahaa.]
  86. Sometimes can be a procrastination girl :p 
  87. DAMN i love KOREA
  88. Fans of BIGBANGGGGG
  89. Work hard to achieve things that i wish for
  90. Collecting stickers since I was a little girl
  91. Had changed lots of hairstyles
  92. Blogging since last year
  93. Monster of pineapple!
  94. Ice cream addict!! Love Baskin Robbins , Magnum & Haagen Dasz
  95. Hate people prohibit me!
  96. Love bread a lot :DD 
  97. Hate an alcoholic!
  98. Not a shoppaholic, muahahaa.
  99. I'm awesome & fabulous in my own way
  100. I love & adore myself

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