Monday, April 18, 2011

Exquisite Time ;)

Hello sweet readers!
It's night time, 10pm exactly ;)
But now I'm still on my blog cause now I'm moving all my files to me new memory card, thanks to daddy cause he just had bought me this new memory card :**
Yeahh, and now I'm really excited to move all my songs :DD muahahaa, but perhaps I don't have enough time to move photos to my memory cause it's already 10pm , nyehhh and it means closer time to sleep.
Hm, now I'm listening to Secret Garden's soundtrack, kekekeke~~
Anyway, just now I had a great time with my bestie, Vera Limanto, muahahaa, it's been a long long time we didn't hang-out together, and today it's really superb!!
Arrived at sun , we took photos at iconlife photobox :p sounds pretty good yeah ;;)
Will upload some later ;) nyahaha.

Then we had our lunch at nelayan restaurant, vera treated my as her birthday treats :DD thanks vera :*
Then we hunt some accessories at mytos,stroberi, & coconuts for clothes.
Finally we had our sweet deserts at SourSally, yogurting together with our TwinTower mix candy flavour :99 exquisiteee!!
And yeahh, that's all of our story today, hahaa.
Pretty great yet fun :DD
See you on my next post!
Feel kinda sleepy, gotta hit my bed, and fly to dreamland as soon as possible, so NIGHTY NIGHT FOLKS!! :DD


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