Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great days

Hello readers! ;)
I've been absent for 5 days maybe, haha.
Anyway, how's life??
Hm, I don't have any tuition today, hoorayyy!!
Muahhaa, gonna tell you all that daddy has bought me a teddy from teddy house last Sunday, it was 25 size :DD

Its type is Martie, so maybe I'll give my teddy name Martinie, what do you think? kekekeee~
Well, so I've four teddy bear now ;) superb!!

Hm, yesterday I've bought Gogirl magazine & BigBang pinbook :DD nyahahaa~
But I myself haven't read it yet :(( too busy all day , nyehh,
But I guess I'll try to take time to read it :DD
Maybe that's all i wanna share today :)
I feel bit speechless today, haha.
See you on my next post! ;)


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