Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bon appetite ;D

Hello readers! ;)
See you again at this 6.20pm
Hm, gotta tell you that just now I had lunch with Vera at bakerzin.
Hm, actually we had took lots of photos & photoboothed a lot there, but my memory card couldn't move files to computer, i don't even kno why :(( hiks, so sad yet terrible, gotta ask daddy to buy me a card reader as soon as possible :'((
Really, we had great lunch there, ate fried rice presto with two crabs in it, then i drank choco cream cookies, after that, at 2pm we ordered some snacks like macarons : mango,blueberry,blackforest, and green tea flavour, then we ordered apple tart too, it tasted delicious , you must try that one, recomended sweets! Last, we had some mini cakes, awaw, it's superb ;)
Gotta have my lunch there again ;;)
Okay, now I'm feeling exhausted -__- geez.
Tomorrow will have two civics lessons, OHMY!! *scream*
Nyehh, actually I'm bit lazy to join those class :| but of course mom&dad won't allow me to absent from class without any reason, yeah great, hope that tomorrow won't be a bad day huh?
Hm, do you know where else that good to have lunch ??
Tell me if you know any places that gets superb foods !  Cause I'm a FOOD HUNTER :p muahahhaa ~~
Anyway, ALE gave me a WINNIE THE POOH lamp , awaw, thankyouuu my dear aleee, na jeongmal saranghamnidaaaaaa :**
Gotta have my dinner soon.
Will upload the photos if I;ve already move all the files to my pc :(( stay tunes yeahh folks! ;)
See you on my next post! :D


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