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Just finished watched "DREAM HIGH" movie yesterday :DD
Omoo~~ I'm falling inlove with SAM DONG (KIM SOO HYUN)
Jason (WOO YOUNG 2PM) also handsome there,, *scream* *histeria*
Jin Guk (Taecyeon 2PM)also goodlooking init.
Now I wanna post the synopsis of the movie :

"Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars.Students at an arts and entertainment school mature as they face incidents and struggles. This movie shows singing, dancing, and acting and also shows the true side of the entertainment industry."

Kim Soo-hyun: In this drama he played a Song Sam-dong. A man from a small town who lives with his mother. Sam Dong has a goal since childhood has its own farm. But, not so, Sam Dong finally one day fall in love with a girl from Seoul, Hye Mi. Because of his love, he will do anything to Hye-Mi (Suzy). Then, instead he followed the girl into an art high school, where he finally finds his talent in music and started his way to become a star.
Suzy Miss A: In this drama she became Hye-Mi, a perfect girl, because she is the best in all things. But, she has a rough personality. One day, her father's business went bankrupt, and she had stopped training and decided to follow her vocal audition to become a pop singer in high school art Kirin. In fact before, Hye-Mi was very avoid this profession because she thinks the profession is low and not promising.
Hyemi herself did not like the looks of Sam Dong distinguished disheveled like a bum. Finally, Sam Dong Hyemi invited to a salon, a haircut and change his clothes who like bums. Although previously such as ignoring, Hyemi still could not cover if she was amazed with the beauty Sam Dong after a make over.
Taecyeon: There will be a young man who became an orphan after his mother abandoned bernaa Jin Gook. Finally, he raised the grandfather of his father, a businessman and CEO, but he did not want to stay with him. Then, he instead chose the road of life itself. Namely, dancing with his friends on the streets and eventually auditioned for Kirin Arts School. Jin Gook would later fall in love with Hyemi.
Eunjung T-Ara: There will be a close friend of Hye Mi. His name, Baek Yoon Hee. Here, the role will be detrimental Eunjung always be ruled out because of the popularity of light silaunya Hye Mi. Eunjung will be a girl who is always ignored by those around her even by her own mother. Hye-Mi So always follow wherever, ultimately they were both auditioning for the high school art Kirin. This is where she started reaching her dreams ...
Wooyoung: It would be Jason, the Koreans who returned from after a long stay in the USA. Jason is very talented and perfect in singing and dancing. But, he has no soul compete. Yes, you could say this Jason person easy going. So, he just wants to enjoy music as part of his life.
IU: There will be a girl named Pil Sook. IU will be a fat girl, but have incredible talent in singing. Pil Sook character itself is a cheerful girl, fat but beautiful and sensitive, it would arguably be a girl is typically easy to fall in love. Pil Sook ngefans weight with Kim Hyun-joong. Even when the concert with Kim Hyun Joong he unconsciously shouted, "Victory!" Then, he invited up on stage. I was so nervous, he was until one reference to the name, of a Pil-Pil Seung Sook. Pil Sook even so popular among his fans Kim Hyun Joong.
Pil Sook later will fall in love with Jason.

One of the central questions to KBS’s “Dream High” has been the identity behind top star ‘K.’  Now that the drama is nearing its completion with only three episodes left, viewers have turned back to the figure who first appeared in the pilot episode in an attempt to see how it will all play out.
Viewers have left the possibility open for all of the leading casts, including ‘Sam Dong’, ‘Hyemi’, ‘Baek Hee’, and ‘Jin Guk’, but the speculations aren’t just limited to those four alone. Some believe that ‘K’ is actually a group as opposed to one person, while others believe that it could be any one of them since they all possess the talents needed to become a star.
Some netizens have recently been claiming that the identity has already been decided, but producers dismissed the rumors by revealing that they have yet to pick a figure.  The drama, they said, did not begin with a ‘K’ in mind, and his or her identity will depend on the development of the plot; the writer and producers decided to choose the final ‘K’ at an appropriate time.
Consequently, ‘K’ still remains anonymous to the cast themselves. A representative of Hollim spoke with OSEN on February 15th and stated, “Internally, we’ve heard of nothing, but we do know that the writer and director are discussing the matter.  I think we won’t find out until the script for the final episode is written.  All the cast members are hoping for themselves to become ‘K’ .”

The one figure that netizens seem to have reached a consensus on, however, is ‘Sam Dong.’  Not only is he a musical prodigy with a hearing defect, but also the character with the most dramatic story. For now, the entire issue remains up in the air and fame is still anyone’s game.

That's all I wanna share about DREAM HIGH movie :D
RECOMENDED MOVIEEEE!! You all must watch it! ;DD
See you on my next post! ;)


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