Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, yihaa!! ;D

Hello readers!
How are you?
Long time not posting something here.
Nyehh, almost one week I've absent. hahahaa
Today is Saturday it means weekend is cominggg!!!
Anyway, we'll have our holiday from this coming Monday :DD
What a great day will it be.
Just got home from ale's home with mado.
We had lots of funnn, kekekekee~~
Awaw, mado,NE,NT & faus gave me bunny silicon case for my b'day gift :DD thankyou a lot girls :**
Hm, actually we've took some photos but my media card was freaking insane since yesterday, so I guess will buy the new one :((
Aigooo, it drives me crazy seriously :'(
Gotta hangout tomorrow with nopie, perhaps.
hahaa, see you on my next post!

xoxo, Jenn :)

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