Friday, February 3, 2012

Sunshine Becomes You

Hello readers!
Thanks God It's Friday! woohoo~ 
closer to weekend :D lol.
Like finallyyy, I bough Ilana Tan's newest novel this morning at school, teehee!
I've just read for two pages so nothing I can tell you all now about the whole stories.
Ilana Tan always makes awesome, great, romantic, dramatic & interesting novelsss!
Love all of her previous novels such as Summer In Seoul, Autumn in Paris, Spring In London, & Winter In Tokyo♥♥♥. 
And now she comes back & published the super duper newest novel titled : "SUNSHINE BECOMES YOU" ♥♥ guess that this time the stories chapter per chapter inside also will have great & all thumbs from every reader. hahaa, including me.
Anyway when you see this post, maybe my blog header also already change.
I don't know why suddenly I feel in love with "sunflower" thingy, lol.
So here's the novel cover, always impressed everyone & calm me anyway, hhe.
Try to buy & also read it ;) I bet you'll feel it's worth to read her novels.

 some synopsis at the back of the novel :
Gotta translate it to english too, teehee.

English translation : 
"Although there is no other thing in this world can trust, trust that I love you. With all my heart. "
This is one story that takes place under the sky of New York ...
This story of hope that emerged in the midst of despair ...
About the last dream of the doubt ...
And about the love that gives a reason to survive.
Initially Alex Hirano prefer the way from the girl-angel of darkness that has made ​​him disabled.
Then Mia and Alex Clark laughed wondering how he could think of a girl who used to have a laugh as bright as the sun that is the angel of darkness.
Originally a black eye that gave him a sharp and cold it makes Mia shook with fear and hope of the earth swallowing the spot.
Then Alex Hirano smiled and Mia's poor heart jumped and pounded so hard that Alex could hear Mia fear

Real text in Indo :
“Walaupun tidak ada hal lain di dunia ini yang bisa kaupercayai, percayalah bahwa aku mencintaimu. Sepenuh hatiku.”
Ini adalah salah satu kisah yang terjadi di bawah langit kota New York…
Ini kisah tentang harapan yang muncul di tengah keputusasaan…
Tentang impian yang bertahan di antara keraguan…
Dan tentang cinta yang memberikan alasan untuk bertahan hidup.
Awalnya Alex Hirano lebih memilih jauh-jauh dari gadis itu—malaikat kegelapannya yang sudah membuatnya cacat.
Kemudian Mia Clark tertawa dan Alex bertanya-tanya bagaimana ia dulu bisa berpikir gadis yang memiliki tawa secerah matahari itu adalah malaikat kegelapannya.
Awalnya mata hitam yang menatapnya dengan tajam dan dingin itu membuat Mia gemetar ketakutan dan berharap bumi menelannya detik itu juga.
Kemudian Alex Hirano tersenyum dan jantung Mia yang malang melonjak dan berdebar begitu keras sampai Mia takut Alex bisa mendengarnya.

So maybe that's all for today.
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See you guys! ;)

"Although there is no other thing in this world can trust, trust that I love you. With all my heart."

xoxo, Jennifer

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