Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Truly madly deeply

Aloha readers! 
I've absent from blog for three or four days *maybe*
Too busy for school, tuitions, freak-homeworksss that really stressed out my mind.
Oh anyway, I've done reading "Sunshine Becomes You" novel on last saturday.
It was really sad endingggggg :( :(  *sobs*
I cried while reading it :'( really can't stand for the stories #hiks
Really pity for 'Mia Clark', she died because of heart disease.
I bet if I read or once or even how many times again, my tears will drop again.
ILANA TAN really a great yet awesome author, she always wrote her stories in a good sentences that the readers seems undergo with the stories really touching after all.
Well, I'll tell you little bit of the stories.

Alex Hirano and Ray Hirano are brothers; Alex, his brother, was a famous pianist. while Ray is a b-boy dancer who now teaches at a course called Small Steps. Ray was seeing his brother in the man's apartment, and told him how much he love a girl named Mia Clark. Mia is a teacher who also teaches at Small Steps: she was cheerful girl who has been like by lots of people, especially men. This girl is reputed to have made a lot of men fall in love with him; but somehow Mia did not put his heart to anyone. He treats everyone the same way, with a look at them the same.One day, when Ray was about to introduce Alex to her hero, the accident occurred. Mia Clark who was falling down the stairs, hit  Alex Hirano who is running up the stairs. Ray does not matter. Mia Clark was only wounded. However, unfortunately, the famous pianist Alex Hirano will be next week's concert, sprained his left hand and should be in bandages for 2 weeks. Since that day, Alex dubbed Mia as an angel of darkness.Full of guilt and remorse, Mia repeatedly tried to apologize to Alex and offered his help. But Alex will always be answered with a curt and full of hate. Mia difficulty seeing how Alex lived with only one hand, offering to become the man's left hand. Alex who was in fact need help, finally agreed."No one can guarantee my hands can get back to normal," said Alex Hirano. "And all because of you." .... "Well," said Alex Hirano ignoring the words of Mia. "If you really want to be myjanitor, I let you become my janitor."Since that day, Mia began suffering a daily basis should be ordered around by Alex. Whether it's cleaning the house, make breakfast, grocery shopping, to deliver it wherever he wants. Alex of course very hate Mia, who has made his left hand can't be used. However, over time, they somehow become more familiar with each other. Since Alex know Mia is a graduate of Juilliard. And since Alex saw Mia dancing & smiled, everything changed.Without his knowing it, Alex has been giving more attention to Mia. But he always remember that Ray really loves that girl. Whether Alex will continue to give up and give a chance for his brother Ray?
 "It seems now like it or not they have to start scrambling. Due to this one Ray did not want to share. And if it was true, he was sure Alex did not want to share."

Perhaps that's a little stories about the novel, be sure to read SUNSHINE BECOMES YOU novel if you are really curious to know the next plot of the stories, lol.
Anyway, I really love Alex Hirano character in this novel.
Although he's a quite crumpy,curt, like to ask Mia to do things, but then he became a loving, gentle, caring, & little bit jealous in a cute way, hahaa. But still sweet & loveable,lol.
I love how Alex could really recognized Mia well even till the smallest things of her.
Hm, overall he has great behaviour after all.
Perhaps that's all for today.
Nothing much to tell.
Gotta search my pencil colour to paint my batik picture *homework* *sigh*
Seems that during this week & next week, will be my busy-week cause teachers will collect our scores for sure so they'll ask us to do assignments, homeworks, or even activity.
So catch you on your flip side! ;)

 Ind : "Walaupun tidak ada hal lain di dunia ini yang bisa kaupercayai, percayalah bahwa aku mencintaimu. Sepenuh hatiku.." -Mia Clark
 English translation : "Although there is no other thing in this world that can trust, trust that I love you. With all my heart.." -Mia Clark

Ind : "Seseorang pernah berkata padaku bahwa dia tidak tahu kenapa aku bisa mencintai orang seperti dirinya. Terus terang saja, aku juga tidak tahu. Kurasa aku termasuk salah satu orang yang merasa kau tidak membutuhkan alasan untuk mencintai seseorang. Karena cinta terjadi begitu saja. Kau tidak bisa memaksakan diri mencintai seseorang, sama seperti kau tidak bisa memaksakan diri membenci orang yang kaucintai.." -Alex Hirano
English translation"Someone once told me that she did not know why I could love someone like her. Quite frankly, I don't know. I guess I'm one of those who feel you don't need a reason to love someone. Love just happens. You can't force yourself to love someone, just like you can't force yourself to hate someone you love .. "-Alex Hirano

xoxo, Jennifer 

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  1. Hello! :)
    I've read this book,also. And So did I! I cried while I was reading it. Especially the last part (at the hospital)and Mia's camcorder.
    But,mmm... Perhaps,you don't need to write the end of Mia's. It would eliminate the curiosity of the other readers.
    Nice to read your Blog. Like your English! :) Terribly well!