Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Before it Explodes

Hello readers! ;)
How are you?
I'm quite fine.
Just an ordinary Wednesday as usual.
Gotta have my english tuition on 7pm till 9pm later. --'
Anyway just now blackout till 3 hours something *big sigh*
Felt sleepy, but luckily there's Gogirl magazine which accompany me, hahaa.
Great issue for this time, EASTERN issue ;D
There's CHARICE PEMPENGCO inside as gueststar.
remember she right? She played in Glee season 2 for a while as Sunshine Corazon.
I guess nowadays I'm inlove with Charice's songs. lol.
Her voice is really cool yet awesome! ;) brilliant one :D 
Try to listen to her song titled 'One Day' , 'Before it Explodes', 'I Love You' :D
Were superb songs ;)
Oh yeah, just now Carven also recomended me some songs , like 'JetLag by Simple Plan', 'Fix You by Cold Play', 'For The First Time by The Script', and 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script' also. Hm, I've downloaded them just now, and almost all of his recomendation were good , thanks for his suggestion anyway! ;) haha.Hm, anyway readers, do you have other suggestion for cool Western songs?
You can comment on my chatbox or even comment on my post ;)
That's all on this post.
Catch you on your flip side! ;)

"If music be the food of love, play on."
--- William Shakespeare
xoxo, Jennifer