Monday, September 5, 2011

Exhausted Monday

Hello readers! ;)
So who's life today?
Geez, today is such a mon(ster)day.
Rained heavily in the early morning, & it's really hard for me to wake up --'
Wew, hesitated whether wanna go to school or no, but like finally , I went to school.
Hm, floaded everywhere, and cars stucked everywhere.
Maybe I should call it 'exhausted monday' 
Felt sleepy at school yet we might not sleep there *big sigh*
So I forced my pity two eyes to look when teachers explained.
Then just had Japan extracurricular at school. Got 3 pages of homeworks --'
no need to do it now, *but anyway remind me to do it yeah :p* LOL
Erm, I'll have my english tuition at 7pm until 9pm later.
Anyway, other classes got their score tabulation this morning, but our class still haven't get it cause our class-teacher didn't come to school today, maybe must wait till tomorrow, hmph, wish me tons of luck for my exams score *pray hard* , lol.
Maybe that's all for today's daily story of me. HAHA. 
Oh yeah!
Yesterday I've made new origami style , I called it 'FIVE INTERSECTING TETRAHEDRA' !
Wew, I really needed hard effort to finish it ! Kekekkeee~ finally, I did it! woohhoo~
I guess this one is much harder than last time firework origami :|
So this is my handmade five intersecting tetrahedra origami!! :D

Well, I learned from this youtube video , try to make it! ;)
Perhaps that's all for today's post :)
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Catch you on your flip side, readers! ;)

"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done."
--- Lucille Ball
xoxo, Jennifer

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