Friday, September 9, 2011

Rarely happens

Hello readers! ;)
How are you?
Thanks God it's Friday! \m/
Woohoo~ closer to weekend ;D lol
Hm, today was great day at school, free for two lesson cause the teacher didn't come just now.
Then quite so-so for deutsch extracurricular this afternoon.
Hm, rainy yet cloudy day for today.
Erm, one thing that annoyed was my sim card. you know what? idk what's happening to my sim card this afternoon, suddenly i found 'Sim Card Rejected' written on the top of my phone *i mean inside my phone screen*
*sigh* but luckily dad took the new card with the same number from the operator authorities office, lol. blaaa..blaaa...blaa. 
Seems that I don't really have a good topic today, so will just upload some photos that I got from tumblr ;)

Probably, that's all :)

 "Dear haters, please get lost. 
                            Sincerely, the innocent one."-me

xoxo, Jennifer

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