Thursday, March 1, 2012

I believe my heart

Hello MARCHHHHH! :):):):):)
How's life, huh? Pretty fine?lol.
Hoping the best result for this coming march exam *pray*
Anyway, happy sweet 17th birthday to Andora Michi Lukman :D
Wish her all the best & great year ahead ;)
Nothing great at school, always so-sooooo. 
Yesterday was such a great day at english tuition.
We had our listening activity & teacher let us listen to this great old song titled 'I Believe My Heart' by Duncan James & Keedie. I like this song ;) their high pitch are all thumbs! (y)

I guess I'm such a procrastionator *sigh*
Haven't done my drawing homework .__. don't have any idea how to draw perspective art.
Better I'll try to search from later, he knows everything :p lol
So see you guy! ;)

"Music is the cup which holds the wine of silence."
--- Robert Fripp
xoxo, Jennifer

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