Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sherlock SHINee

Hello readers! ;)
Today is a great Thursday :D
SHINEE IS BACKK!! With SHERLOCK song title & album :D wooohooo~
their MV releases 3 hours ago :D great one!
And got a big chocolate cake from Irene, Jessica, Meguru , Ccil, FeliciaNovian & otherssss friends this morning at class, loveyou girls♥♥ :* !
Me & Sally were really surpised of that action, cause we never know that they will celebrate our coming birthday today, lol.
So I myself will have my birthday on this coming 25th March while Sally will have her birthday tomorrow :D hehe.
When the cake came, I directly point to Sally's face *assumed that's her cake* , & she also assumed that's my cake, but fortunately it's our cake, haha.
So here is some of our photos that captured by Irene & Meguru :D haha. 

So this is SHINee's SHERLOCK MV ;)
Check it out guys! ♥


 "Hold a true friend with both your hands."
 --- Nigerian Proverb
xoxo, Jennifer

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