Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blink of eyes

Hello guys! How are you nowadays?
I'm back to blogger, lol.
Absent for few days from blog cause my internet modem was broken // lack.
But this morning daddy took it to the service centre & ask them to repair it, luckily it can quickly done :D 
Wew, today is 31st of March, time past so fast, in a blink of eyes tomorrow will be April.
Well, having my one-day holiday today, allll Sutomo-ers get their holiday :D hoorayy!
Spend this Saturday afternoon watching korean drama, lol.
Planning where shall we go tomorrow, feel like wanna hunt lots of new novels, I'm really craving for new novelsss *sigh* 
Hm, listening to songs a lot these days.
This are my current fresh & fav playlist :
  • Ailee (에일리) - Heaven
  • Owl City - The Saltwater Room
  • 2AM - I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me
  • Raisa - Could It Be
  • One Direction - Gotta Be You , One Thing, More Than This & others.
  • Taylor Swift - Safe & Sound
  • Glee Cast - Let Me Love You
  • BigBang - Blue, Fantastic Baby
  • Tyga - Far Away
  • Adele - Set Fire To The Rain , Turning Table, Someone Like You & others.
Anyway, gotta recomend you this MV by 2AM titled 'I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me'
quite a sad, good, yet easy listening song , try to listen to it ;)

Well, perhaps that's all for today :)
Catch you on your flip side guys! 
Have a great weekend! ;)

"The art of life is the art of avoiding pain."
--- Thomas Jefferson
xoxo, Jennifer

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